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I was cruising Pinterest one day when a before-and-after shot caught my eye. The lady in the before shot looked like … me. A middle-aged, white-haired woman who maybe felt life had passed her by and that it was too late to change. But the after shot? Holy CRAP! Here was this bronzed goddess who looked like she could cheerfully kick ass seven days a week and twice on Sundays.

At the time, I honestly wondered if the two photos were of the same person. Until I started reading Tammy’s blog. I read. And read. And read some more. It was all there. The struggles. The victories. And as I read, something started to happen. I started to wonder, if this lady could come so far, was there hope for me?

Fast-forward to today. Now I’m not just reading Tammy’s blog. As a client, I get to talk to her every week. I get to soak up her common-sense approach to weight loss, fitness, lifting and more. And whenever I get discouraged, I think, “Here’s someone who was once in the same place I am. And look at her now!”

I think the biggest thing Tammy gives me isn’t an eating plan or a lifting plan or even a well-timed kick in the pants when I need it. It’s hope. Hope that it’s not too late for me. Hope that, even if I’m starting at zero, I’ll get results if I work hard. And for the very first time in my life, I believe it.


I started to follow Tammy’s Lifting My Spirits page on Facebook a few years ago and really grew to like HER.  There were no lies, gimmicks, or photoshopped images – just the bare truth. This was really appealing to me. When she announced she was coaching I reached out.

My life since has changed.  I have been through several life challenges since I started coaching with Tammy.   And for the first time ever, I had a coach who helped me. She has coached me through this 100%.

I have lost weight, feel much better in myself and she has SUPPORTED me throughout all of this.

In the past other coaches took my money, didn’t care and didn’t make the necessary changes to deal with changes in my life. TAMMY DID!. In my world Tammy is a super coach. I highly recommend her!


Working with Tammy has been a major turning point for me in my health journey. I was overwhelmed in trying to figure out how to track and measure deficits, how the process of losing fat works, and mostly believing that it will happen. Knowing I have a hormonal condition and seeing Tammy be able to achieve her fitness goals through her own adversities is truly most inspiring.

With Tammy you learn the science behind the numbers, setting macro goals, and, most important, are given great support in maintaining a healthy mindset while you work towards your goals.

Let’s face it, lack of consistency is usually the reason most of us don’t achieve our health goals and that is usually driven by our mindsets. That is where the accountability and support from Tammy comes in. Tammy has been great in reminding when I think it’s bad, it really isn’t and to stay the course. Changing body composition and habits are hard work and takes time.

I also read Tammy’s book and took her suggestions to heart. I am a constant work in progress, I make mistakes, and have a long way to go, but I am enjoying this journey! I know that by working with Tammy, I will have invaluable tools to use for life.


I’m grateful I get to help people reach their goals!

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