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How this 50-something teacher transformed into a bodybuilder, coach, and author.

Hi friend!  I’m Tammy. Nice to meet you!

After years of being too busy to make self-care a priority, my health took a nose-dive. I was told by doctors to change my lifestyle or I could die early.   So, I changed.

Changed my routines, sure.  But “eat healthy and exercise” resolution was too general and it never stuck before.


I also thought I had to follow a time-consuming strict program and I was just too busy to make that work.

The most important work was done on changing my mindset.  Motivation became less important.  Consistency became the goal.

And that mindset work is like housework…on-going and never finished!


Over time, my health improved.  I felt more confident and empowered.

Then I went after the big scary goal – compete as a bodybuilder by age 50.

I became an athlete in my 50’s and know firsthand the challenges we have doing this when we’re a little older and a LOT busier than the average social media fitness influencer.

It’s different for us. But not impossible. Science still applies, but we have different variables to consider now.

Science-based principles, consistency, flexibility, and accountability are what worked.


I did not do the exact same thing for years but learned how to adapt my program to keep progressing despite setbacks and obstacles.


I taught high school while doing this transformation and competing.  I took early retirement because my teacher heart was being pulled in a different direction.


I earned certifications in personal training and fitness nutrition while still teaching, but had no time to use them.  Now, I teach what I’ve learned from research and experience to help my peers create their own health transformation story.


Here’s how you can find the content I’ve created to help you reach your fitness goals…


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Watch a free training to learn the 4 things I believe you need to focus on to create your own health-transformation.  Click through to learn more about How to Get Fit and Stay Fit After 40.


Looking for a course or an ebook?  Check out the resources in my shop here.


The book about my journey is “Lifting My Spirits – A Dream Deferred” on Amazon.  Some general tips, but don’t get this book if you’re looking for a another cookie-cutter diet/workout plan.  I didn’t write that book because I know that isn’t the problem for my peers. 

What derails a lot of people isn’t lack of knowlege about what they are supposed to do.  They know.  What derailed me before, what derails my over-40 friends now, is life as a busy adult with responsibilities.  I sucked at sticking with any program consistently. 

I wrote this book to talk more about how to be flexible enough to stay consistent, how to handle setbacks, and how to manage time for self-care when we’re expected to do a lot of other things, too.


As I type this, my 59th birthday is coming up in a few months. I’m still training and striving to be a better bodybuilder. I’ve competed 5 times between ages 50 and 55. Haven’t ruled out another run when I’m 60. We’ll see.


If you’ve been following my journey since it all exploded online back in 2013, THANK YOU!! If you just happened to find my page, WELCOME!


My primary goal is to educate and support people who are striving to THRIVE.


If not now, when…right? <3



“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

~Proverbs 3:5-6

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