Lifting My Spirits: A Lifelong Dream Deferred No Longer – Transformation from Fat Chick to Bodbuilder by Age 50

  • Do you feel like you’re too old to change your health?
  • Have you been told that someone your age should just accept weight gain and the risks that come with it?
  • Think it’s too late to chase your dream?
  • You’re not alone.
  • I thought those things too.
  • I changed my mind and changed my life.

“I began following Tammy on social media. When she wrote this book I could not wait to order it. Love the book and story! She is honest, real, inspiring, natural and has changed her health and body. For women entering menopausal years, or at any age, to read this story….it leaves you with a new body confidence and positivity that you cannot get from any male body builder or artificially enhanced female body builder. My husband loves her story too. I think for anyone to take charge of their goals and achieve them is inspiring to all! She has inspired me and helped me regain confidence. Love the book, love the story! So helpful.”

Laurie H.

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