Can women over 40 really lose fat, build muscle, and get healthier?  YES!

I did it, and in this Customize Your Macros Workshop, I’ll teach you how to take control of your food to support what you’re doing with your workouts so you can do it, too!

Interested?  This workshop is only offered a few times a year and spaces are limited.

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Freedom to choose the foods you’ll use and include foods you love  so you don’t feel deprived.

A Smart Program

ONE program that can be customized to be what you need right now .  You’ll learn how to adjust it for fat-loss, for muscle growth, or for maintenance.


Meal prep that can be as simple as you need it to be – because you’re busy.



Have treats without second thoughts.  Eat out socially without worry because you know how to make it fit into the plan.


Knowing how to balance your program when “life happens” so you will be able to stay on track.


Because it takes time to reach your goals, consistency is more important than perfection.  It will happen because your program is flexible and sustainable.

Feel Good

Knowing what you need to feel good, balanced, and energetic.


Look Good

Your face, hair, and skin reflect that you’re eating what you need to thrive. 

Coach Tammy in 2009 and 2012

 “Take me to the emergency room.”

I said this to my husband on a Sunday afternoon in March of 2009.

I had chest pains that would not subside.  I was only 47, but I had already been taking high blood pressure medication for a couple of years.  I weighed about 200 pounds and was pre-diabetic. 

I was a busy teacher and years of stress took a toll.

This didn’t sneak up on me.  I knew I needed to change years before.

I followed several eating programs on my own – always with the same result.  Some weight loss at first, but those programs were not designed to be done indefinitely.

I always gained weight back, plus more.  Thought I time  and I’d figure it out later – when life was less busy.

But after that ER visit, I realized it was “later” had become NOW.  I was determined to find a different way to live healthier.

My big “a-ha” moment was when I realized I was focused on the wrong things.

When I focused on the scale, I failed.

When I tried to do it without guidance, I failed.

When my mindset changed, the results changed.

It wasn’t working to be hyper-focused on losing weight.  I needed to be healthier.

I didn’t need a diet. I needed to be smarter about food.  I needed to learn how to eat.

I retired from teaching high school so I could help my tribe – women over 40 – use the same tools I used to get fit and live healthier.

Flexible dieting CAN be easy to set up.  I’ll teach you!

What you’ll learn…

Learn to use food as a tool to create the healthy, fit body you want.

Lean how flexible dieting can help you feel more in control and feel less deprived

Create a customized eating plan based on how your metabolism is working right now, in real time.

Learn how much protein your body needs to recover from your workouts and build beautiful, lean muscle.

Learn how your body uses carbohydrates and fats so you can confidently and deliberately include them in your diet to make them work for you.

Learn how to portion your favorite foods so that you have them and still lose fat.

Learn shortcuts to make food tracking easier so that you can always be in control of what you eat.

Learn how to adjust your food intake when you’re sick or stressed so that you won’t fall off track.

Learn how to stick to your plan when you’re eating away from home so that you can enjoy your time with friends and family.

During this 3 week course, you will learn how to…

use food as a tool to create the healthy, fit body you want.

use flexible dieting with macros so that you will feel more in control and feel less deprived.

create a customized eating plan based on how your metabolism is working right now, in real time.

portion your favorite foods so that you can lose fat.

adjust your food intake when you’re sick or stressed so that you won’t fall off track.

stick to your plan when you’re eating away from home so that you can enjoy your time with friends and family.

use flexible dieting to build the discipline you need to stick with a program long enough to reach your goals.

How we will meet…

  • We’ll use a temporary private Facebook group.
  • There will be 3 live lessons on Saturdays at 9 am Pacific/12 noon Eastern.  Replays will be posted in the group.
  • The other video lessons will be posted in the group during the week so you can watch when convenient.
  • We’ll also interact in the group as questions come up.

I have learned so much!  I’ve gone from not knowing much about my body, food intake, and fitness to a new confidence that comes from understanding “me” better.


I really enjoyed this course. By helping me focus on my macros, Tammy has helped me get away from the “good” food/”bad” food mentality and the guilty feelings that come with that. I’m certainly not perfect, but Tammy’s flexible, real-world approach is helping me be far more consistent with my eating than I’ve ever been before. Thank you, Tammy!


This course not only gave me helpful information but tools to use for my success. I love that I can come back and review the information as needed and get any new modules that the instructor adds in the future….AWESOME LESSONS!!!”


Interested?  This workshop is only offered a few times a year and spaces are limited.

Get on the waiting list now!

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