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Blast Fat & Build Muscle with Flexible Dieting

Learn how to use food as a tool to create the healthy, fit body you want. Create a customized eating plan based on how your metabolism, learn how to adjust when you’re sick or stressed so that you won’t fall off track, and build discipline to stick with it long enough to reach your goals!

FREE Training: How to Get Fit & Stay Fit After 40

I’ll show you how to set up a simple, science-based, and sustainable approach to use when you’re ready to ditch the quick fixes and learn how to make it work once and for all.

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What my students say…

“I really enjoyed this course. By helping me focus on my macros, Tammy has helped me get away from the “good” food/”bad” food mentality and the guilty feelings that come with that. I’m certainly not perfect, but Tammy’s flexible, real-world approach is helping me be far more consistent with my eating than I’ve ever been before.” – Beth

“I started to follow Tammy’s Lifting My Spirits page on Facebook a few years ago and really grew to like HER. There were no lies, gimmicks, or photoshopped images – just the bare truth. This was really appealing to me. I have lost weight, feel much better in myself.” – Attracta

This course not only gave me helpful information but tools to use for my success. I love that I can come back and review the information as needed and get any new modules that the instructor adds in the future….AWESOME LESSONS!!!” — Dawn

“I liked how you kept your topics simple and straightforward without a lot of technical jargon. I also liked that you kept your tone genuine, it felt like a class you would also give in person, not something memorized for internet sales.” – Deidre

“I liked the perspective of a woman over 40 who has achieved what I’m aiming to achieve and who started in a similar place. I also appreciated the candid and casual approach.” – Tauheedah

“Your emphasis of ‘progress, not perfection’ is so sorely needed in this demographic, in my opinion.  We are a tired bunch, who likely needs to makes changes, because WE are changing. Giving ourselves grace, and doing the best we can each day, IS SUCCESS!! I love your message, but it has just the right amount of science to balance out the emotional side of progress!” – Candace

Products & Resources

2020 Habit Trackers

Need to reset some healthy habits?  These FREE monthly trackers are set up to track steps, water, workouts, sleep, prayer, and gratitude. 

Lifting My Spirits Book

Is it REALLY too late to get fit when you get into your 40’s or 50’s? Can you reverse years of self-neglect and improve your health?

12 Tips for New Lifters

Just getting started?  I created this FREE PDF guide with a dozen practical tips I wish someone would have told me when I started.

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