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How to Choose the Right Lifting Program

Watch to learn how to tell if your lifting program is the best workout for you RIGHT NOW. And learn how and when to adjust your weight training program over time.

7 Tips to Find Time to Workout

We all know it’s important to exercise, but carving out that time can be the most immediate obstacle. Here are 7 tips to help you do it!

How to Get Back to Lifting After a Break

If you’re a lifter and had to take time off due to illness, injury, life changes, or because a global pandemic shut down your gym, you’ll need to start back with a plan. Yes, you may have lost a little strength, but it will come back.   Here are 7 tips on how to...

5 Tips to Be the BEST Version of You Now

Not motivated? As I write this, we’re under a “stay-at-home” order to stop the spread of COVID-19. Gyms are closed. Life is disrupted. How can you stay motivated to workout and eat healthy food during this time? Or ANY time when you’re struggling?

7 Tips to Find Time to Workout

7 Tips to Find Time to Workout

Did you schedule time for your workout today? Why It Matters Want a simple way to invest in your health? Schedule time...

Today’s Workout

Week 2 of strong woman training began today.  After one week, I feel like I got hit by a car.  Wow.  This is hard....

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Am I a Strong Woman?

I've decided to start my off season by training for a strong woman competition. For my 50th birthday last year, I...

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