Weight Training Articles

4 Warning SIGNS That You’re OVERDOING It

Warning signals that you’re overdoing it at the gym and what to do about it before you get hurt.

10 Ways Women Can Protect Joints When Lifting

Worried you might get hurt when you lift? Here are tips to avoid problems if you’re a 40+ lifter.

Achieve Dream Physique – Smart & SPECIFIC Training

Working hard but not getting results you want? Make SURE your program is designed to cause the changes you want!

Should You Deload?  Yes!

Should You Deload? Yes!

Smart and safe lifting programs include a plan for recovery. Watch to learn how to set that up!  We say lifting...

Does Lifting Burn Fat?

Does Lifting Burn Fat?

Lifting optimizes your body's fat burning process in a way that cardio doesn't. When people talk about losing weight,...


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