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How to Change Your Program When You’re Sick

Should you lift with a cold? Learn when you can, when you should rest, and how to change your food intake to recover faster.

How to Warmup to Lift the Right Way

People will do general warmups and cool downs when they workout, but a common mistake many lifters make is that they don’t do warmup sets.  Let’s talk about how to do those the right way.

10 Tips to Stay on Track During a Busy Week

Uh oh.  The week’s schedule has just gone sideways.  How can you stay on track when you’re busy? I lost weight and transformed my health during a crazy period working 50-60 hours a week - while going through menopause. And I know women who were busier who did it too....

18 Gift Ideas for Women Who Lift

Looking for a gift for a woman who lifts?  I’ve tried a lot of products.  Some I loved.  Some are collecting dust. Here are my 18 gift suggestions for the woman in your life who lifts!  (Or for you!) Many of these are items I already have and...

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