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Navigate the Clock Change Like a Boss!

Spring ahead and lose an hour of sleep!? Ugh – I can be “off” for days! Here are 3 tips to make this time change go smoothly.

7 Tips to Find Time to Workout

We all know it’s important to exercise, but carving out that time can be the most immediate obstacle. Here are 7 tips to help you do it!

10 Tips to Stay on Track During a Busy Week

Uh oh.  The week’s schedule has just gone sideways.  How can you stay on track when you’re busy? I lost weight and transformed my health during a crazy period working 50-60 hours a week - while going through menopause. And I know women who were busier who did it too....

18 Gift Ideas for Women Who Lift

Looking for a gift for a woman who lifts?  I’ve tried a lot of products.  Some I loved.  Some are collecting dust. Here are my 18 gift suggestions for the woman in your life who lifts!  (Or for you!) Many of these are items I already have and...
7 Tips to Find Time to Workout

7 Tips to Find Time to Workout

Did you schedule time for your workout today? Why It Matters Want a simple way to invest in your health? Schedule time...


This week was defined by limits. No - not that kind of limit!!  I'm still on summer vaca for a couple more weeks....

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Locker Room Tips

When I started my new life, one of the challenges I had to face was figuring out how to navigate the "getting ready...

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