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Reasons Why I’m “Doing It Wrong”

If you follow fitness pages on social media, you will see many messages that fall into that “go hard or go home” theme.  They are success stories.  They walk into the gym, abs a blazin’, and are pushing to the limit EVERY.SINGLE. DAY. I don’t do that. I can't do that....

That Time I Almost Quit… Take 2

There is a draft of a post sitting in the list of drafts called "That Time I Almost Quit..." I can't finish it  yet.  Something happened that should have derailed me. When I can finish that post, I'll have to figure out how to describe just how deep I had to dig not...

7 Weeks Out – Body Builder Brain

I'm too small. I won't get lean enough. I'm too busy and can't practice enough. I don't have a routine yet, so I haven't been practicing that, either. I don't know where I put my posing suit. Maybe I should just skip this year, too? I lost my pecs. My right calf is...

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