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How Much PROTEIN Do Women Over 40 Need?

Why women over 40 need MORE and how much.

How to Eat Vegetables When You Hate Them

We know why we need to eat our veggies. We try. We buy all the veggies, but they just sit in the fridge until they spoil. But we want to be healthier, too, so we keep trying. Here are 12 ways to sneak them in each day – even if you aren’t a fan.

10 Proven Tips to Transform Your Body After 40

Have you been told that “someone your age” should just accept weight gain and the health risks that come with it? Do you feel like it’s too late for you to make real changes? It’s NOT TOO LATE. You CAN lose weight and get healthier after 40 if you have a PLAN.

7 Insider Secrets to Fail-Proof Willpower

Have you noticed that it’s REALLY hard to resist tempting foods sometimes, but not at other times?  Why is that?  Science has shown that willpower can be strengthened! Learn how!

Protein: How Much and Why?

Protein: How Much and Why?

Whether you're an omnivore or strictly plant-based with your food choices, you need protein.  And maybe more than...


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