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6 Steps To A Healthier Life

Not sure where to start? Start here. Practical, common-sense steps with links to more info if you want to dig a little deeper.

How Much Water Should We Drink Each Day?

The minimum amount of water we should be drinking each day can be found with a simple calculation.

How to Start Lifting

“What is the best way to start lifting?” is a common question I get from the women in my Facebook groups. Searching online feels like drinking from a firehose. And a novice should not download an advanced program and jump right in. So what could she do instead?

Flexible Dieting: The Best and LAST Food Program You’ll Ever Need!

Want to lose fat? Gain muscle?
Learn how to use macros to create a customized food plan to reach your fitness goals without feeling deprived!

How to Start Lifting

How to Start Lifting

 A very frequent question from members in my Facebook groups... "What is the best way to start lifting?"   First,...

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