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“Being weak is a choice… so is being strong…”

If you are just getting started or a year or two into your own health transformation, you might relate to the frustration I had on this day. I think most people get to this point in their journey - where it feels like others discount your struggle because you're...

Boot Camp Day 3: Create a fitness tracker — Kodamax Photography

My husband, a professional photographer and (former, if there is such a thing as a former) Marine envisioned this personal challenge blending photography and fitness.   He's doing an brilliant job customizing an organization strategy that works for...

2017 Prep Update: Day 350- the “Suckiest” Phase to Date is Almost Over

What started as "My 275 Day Project", ended up becoming a year-long project and is ending with the most difficult phase I've ever had as a bodybuilder.  However, even though I'm going to describe the obstacles, please keep in mind that I'm working hard to keep it all...

2017 Prep Update: Day 260 out of 275 – Two weeks left?!?! OMG. OMG. OMG.

TWO WEEKS!? If you think you know why I'm freaking out, you might be wrong. I'm an introvert.  I can honestly say that getting on stage in a posing suit smaller than my underwear doesn't bother me as much as you might assume.  I go out there, they call the poses and I...

A New Day Dawning

My husband is documenting his transformation on his blog. How cool is that? I'm excited for him and us.

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