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August Motivation

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10 Easy Ways to Reach Fitness Goals When Crazy Busy

It doesn’t have to be an emergency, but just a perfect storm of little things that pile up that can wreck your schedule for a week.

Here are 10 tips to help you stick with your program when your weekly plans go sideways!

May Inspiration

We all look up at the same moon, enjoy the warmth of the same sun, and we’ll all remember May 2019 as a challenging month. I pray that you have a few blessings mixed in with the lessons. Please use any of these quote images that inspire you.

8 Simple Ways to Reset a Gym Habit

If you’ve had to stop working out for a period of time, it’s hard to get going again. It’s one thing to know WHAT to do when you go back to the gym but making yourself do it? Well, that’s a whole different battle, isn’t it? I’m sharing 8 simple ways to help you reset your gym habit.

April Inspiration

April Inspiration

Learn how to use food as a tool to create the healthy, fit body you want. Create a customized eating plan based on how...

March Inspiration

March Inspiration

We love to lift!  Most members are women in our 40's, 50's and 60's.  Science-based info, support, and encouragement. ...

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