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Beginners DON’T Do THIS – But They Should

Smart and safe lifting programs include a plan for recovery. Watch to learn how to set that up!

How Heavy Should BEGINNERS Lift?

Learn how to set your initial weights on any lifting exercise and how to get stronger safely using progressive overload.

10 Proven Tips to Transform Your Body After 40

Have you been told that “someone your age” should just accept weight gain and the health risks that come with it? Do you feel like it’s too late for you to make real changes? It’s NOT TOO LATE. You CAN lose weight and get healthier after 40 if you have a PLAN.

How to Choose the Right Lifting Program

Watch to learn how to tell if your lifting program is the best workout for you RIGHT NOW. And learn how and when to adjust your weight training program over time.

How to Start Lifting

How to Start Lifting

 A very frequent question from members in my Facebook groups... "What is the best way to start lifting?"   First,...

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