Fit Over 40 Articles

How Much PROTEIN Do Women Over 40 Need?

Why women over 40 need MORE and how much.

Weight Gain? What’s REALLY Happening!

They say middle-aged weight gain is unavoidable, but “they” might be wrong. Great news for those of us over 40!

7 Tips to AVOID Holiday Weight Gain

You CAN have holiday dinners, eat the treats, go to the parties – and stick to your program!

What To Do in Gym (3 Plans)

Don’t know what to do when you go to the gym? 3 weekly splits explained. Learn how to write your own!

What To Do in Gym  (3 Plans)

What To Do in Gym (3 Plans)

Let's go over how to write your own programs and change them over time.  Two sample programs included in the video.If...


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