Started this big adventure (and this blog) in 2010.

To see first post, search for “Tammy’s Big Adventure”.  The date was June 16, 2010.

6 Tips to Stay Consistent With Going to the Gym

It’s not necessary to be perfect with your program to be successful, but you need to be consistent. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can throw you off. Over the years, I developed a few routines that helped me stay organized to stay on track. Tip 1: Separate Gym...

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8 Tips to Stop Self-Sabotage

“Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith.” ~Elisabeth Elliot The sneaky part of self-sabotaging is that we may not know we are doing it or why.  Let’s shine some light on the ways we do it, then go over strategies to stop it. 8 Ways We Can Self-Sabotage We...

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When It’s Good to be INFLEXIBLE

Be inflexible! Huh? “Wait a hot minute, Tammy!  What are you talking about?  Aren’t you all about flexibility and balance????” I am!  I’m flexible about many things… food choices working around obstacles the “plan” to reach a goal But not in all things. I am NOT...

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WHY Did I Keep Quitting?

DISCLAIMER: As much as I’d like to have a visit with you if you think I might be the right coach for you, this post isn't about coaching. Even if you work with someone, they might just focus on the program and not get into a topic like this - even though it's critical...

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Food-Tracking Hacks On the Go

Consistency over time is the REAL “secret” to making a health change. However, I don’t think anyone has a life that is consistently free of unplanned craziness. If you have a flexible approach to making things work, you have a better shot at reaching your goals. Here...

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Protein: How Much and Why?

 Protein. Whether you're an omnivore or strictly plant-based with your food choices, you need it.  And maybe more than you're eating now. If you’re having a strong reaction to reading that, I get it.  But this is an important thing to get right nutritionally. Food is...

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How to Not Need “Cheat Days”

I don’t have “cheat days”. I’m not THAT dedicated. Hahaha!  Probably not what you expected to hear from me. Nutrition supports your fitness goals in two ways… Calories determine whether you are gaining, losing, or maintaining.Macro and micronutrients help your...

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