Not “feeling it” when it comes to those home workouts?  Caving to the cravings for comfort food?  Self-identifying as a couch-potato?

You aren’t alone.

There are about a bajillion of us in the same boat.

Not using the word “us” casually – I’m right there will you.  This mandatory “stay-home” time has been hard to process. 

After an initial burst of motivation when I reorganized my home office, my energy dipped and I started to struggle.

I’ve had to go back to my WHY.  I started my health transformation 10 years ago.  I’m asked frequently how I started.

I started with changing my mindset back then.  And now, I’m reflecting on it again.

You see, at the root of any decision to improve yourself is BELIEF.

  • Do you believe you can change your health?
  • Do you believe you can eat differently?  Exercise regularly?
  • Or do you use previous failures as evidence that you can’t?  I did that.  I didn’t believe I could change for a long time.

“Fix it or die early” from an ER doctor was the whack upside the head I needed to hear to snap out of it.

Your motivation to get this all done at home, when it’s inconvenient, is going to have to come from a place inside you where your WHY is screaming at you.

Before I drop a few practical strategies on you, I’d like to invite you to take a moment and connect with that.

Imagine – what is the BEST version of you?

A certain scale weight may come to mind, but I’d like you to imagine what living in that body FEELS like. 

What will your life as the BEST version of you be like?  What is your WHY?

Walking or playing with kids without feeling short of breath?

Getting dressed every day without concern because you know everything fits?

Feeling the energy that comes from the combination of nourishing foods and movement?


Getting of meds and hearing your doctor congratulate you?

Smiles that come quickly from a healthy heart full of joy and gratitude?

Excited to set goals for the future because now you are hopeful?

These are the things I wish for you.

My WHY is wrapped up in those things.  I started with a medical need, a physical want…but the real reasons I need to practice self-care continually are similar to that list.

Now,  some practical tips that might help you keep working on your BEST version of you when you’re not motivated…

Make a checklist the night before of the exercises you want to do the next day.  You don’t have to do them all at one time.  You can do them one-at-a-time during the day as if they were chores…because they probably feel like chores!  Hahaha!  (If you like to use daily habit trackers, check out the ones I made below.)

Connect a current habit or activity with a movement.  For example, when you use the microwave, do countertop incline pushups or body weight squats.  When you go get the mail, do a few lunges in the yard.

Preload your meals into your tracker the night before.  The next day, just follow that plan.  If you’re feeling a little lazy (like me), it’s a lot easier to stick with what’s already entered than to go in and make changes.

If you would like to learn how to use macros (proteins, carbs, and fats) to meal plan, check out Blast Fat and Build Muscle with Flexible Dieting.  

Be kind to yourself.  The stress is higher than normal.  There isn’t a protocol for fitness during a pandemic.  We’re all making this up as we go.  There also isn’t a competition to emerge from quarantine as the “most fit woman in the world”.  In fact, most of us are going to look a bit scruffy – no hair and nails for a while!!

Journal a little on your WHY.  Try to list as many non-scale reasons why you are doing all of this.  If you have a scale goal, that’s ok, but remember – fat loss is a side effect of what we do.   My personal experience with this was to set goals about things I would DO instead.  It was less stressful for me to approach it that way.

No matter what, remember this – your success doesn’t depend upon perfect execution of a program.

It is ENTIRELY dependent on your consistency over time.  One day, one week, or even one month won’t matter a whole lot a year from now if most of the year, you’re following your plan.

~ Tammy 

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