Uh oh.  The week’s schedule has just gone sideways.  How can you stay on track when you’re busy?

I lost weight and transformed my health during a crazy period working 50-60 hours a week – while going through menopause.

And I know women who were busier who did it too.

Honestly – every woman I know has weeks that are nuts.  A busy woman who stays consistent (not perfect) long enough will reach her goal.

But you have to have a plan for how to handle those crazy weeks.  Otherwise, it’s too easy to quit.

Here are 10 tips for how for how to survive those busy weeks…

Emergency Food Plan Tips

During a normal food prep weekend, cook up double batches of protein.  Freeze half.  By following this strategy, I would have several weeks’ worth of cooked protein ready to thaw when those crazy busy weekends rolled around.

Stock up on a few extra bags of mixed frozen vegetables.  Not optimal, I know.  Fresh produce tastes better.  But a meal of frozen vegetables with a lean protein is a better choice to stay on track than fast food or a pizza.

Use your instant pot and/or slow cooker.  Dump in chicken or a roast, turn it on, and walk away.  Don’t look for a recipe.  Don’t make it complicated – just drop food in there and let it do your prep for you.

Buy food that is already cooked.  Bagged salads, cooked chicken or turkey, frozen fish fillets you can steam in the microwave, etc.

Use a meal prep service for your meals.  Not a budget-friendly option, but it’s the next best thing to having a personal chef.  Your family can eat what they like and you’ll have your pre-prepped meal.

Eat for function.  I’ve been known to eat chicken and vegetables for breakfast during really busy weeks!  Boring?  Weird?  Yeah, but solid nutrition with minimal prep.

Emergency Workout Plan Tips


The biggest risk here is that skipping workouts make it harder to get started again.  If you can, it’s better to adjust your workout plan instead of putting it on the back burner.

If you can keep your regular schedule but want to get out of the gym faster, don’t do your whole workout.  Do the movements that work your big muscle groups – back, chest, legs.  Don’t worry about your shoulders, arms, or calves.  Smaller muscle groups are worked when you do the big movements.

If you can’t keep your regular schedule, switch to 2 whole body workouts this week.  Again, just the big movements.  This will be enough to keep you from losing your strength during a busy week.

If you can’t get to the gym at all, do 2 bodyweight workouts at home, at your kid’s practice, wherever… 


  • bodyweight squats or lunges  (If they seem too easy, use slow reps.  You’ll feel that.)
  • incline push ups
  • bent over 1-arm rows with a gallon of milk or water.
  • Be creative.  Use what you have.  With good mind-muscle connection, you can get a good workout this way.

The MOST important tip I have for you is to be flexible and avoid an “all or nothing” mindset.  No one who has reach their fitness goals had a smooth ride for the entire time it took for them to get there.

No one can run a perfect program for as long as it takes to change your body.

The secret sauce is CONSISTENCY. 

A bad few days with food won’t matter in a couple of months.  Adjusting your workout schedule temporarily will keep what you’ve built.

By the end of this course...

you’ll know exactly how much food you need to eat to reach your goals, you’ll have customized macros, a tracker you can continue to use, a plan for staying on track when eating out, and you’ll have a strategy for when and how to adjust your macros over time.

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