Prayer was part of my life when I was younger, but I let it go.  I didn’t reject my faith.  I just let myself drift away.

But in March of 2009 when I was 47, an ER doctor told me I needed to change my life or I would die early like my mom.  I was scared.  How was I going to do this?  It seemed impossible.

I was a wife and a busy teacher.  People depended on me.  Self-care felt selfish.  How could I do this?  How to even start?

I had a lot of doubts, but I needed to believe I could do it.  I had to.

Faith in something you can’t see?  I remembered when that was part of my life.  I was worried I would quit again.  I couldn’t let myself quit anymore.

This prayer went up…

“I promise.  I’ll do the work.

Just point me in the right direction.”

There have been several times when I wanted to get off this path because I was frustrated, tired, crushed by setbacks, or uncomfortable with the public attention I did not expect.  (I’ve blogged since 2010, so it’s all here.)

We are put on our paths for a reason.

I’m still training.  I plan to compete again.  There will always be challenges and lessons.   I’m grateful for all of it – even the painful parts.

I’d like to share a few verses I leaned on many times during my transformation journey.

This one helped me when others around me were worried that my new habits might change me.  Also helpful when dealing with hurtful comments.

It’s too easy to compare ourselves to others and feel inadequate.  That can trigger negative self-talk and loss of focus.  This one helps me keep my priorities straight when using social media.  

It was hard for me to ask for help.  But I needed it.  I trusted God to put people in my path who could help me.

Tammy became an athlete in her 50’s and is passionate about helping other busy adults transform their health.  Each individual has a unique combination of strengths and challenges that have to be used to shape a program that will work.   Science-based principles, flexibility, accountability, and support make all the difference.

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