I have wanted to write.  It’s a busy time of year, but I also didn’t have anything positive to say.

I have time now.  Still not sure I have a lot of positive stuff to share.   I’ve been preoccupied with life.  The workouts are consistent and the food has been OK.  There is no way I would have been able to compete this year, so I’m glad I had already made the decision not to.

Finishing the school year has been emotional.  It’s always sad for me to say goodbye to the graduating seniors.  This year is harder because I’m leaving, so I had to say goodbye to everyone.  Many of my students are nervous about next year because for most of this year, we thought I was going to be their calculus teacher this fall.  I’m certain that transferring to middle school is a good decision, but I’ve been heartbroken for weeks.  Heartbroken and angry.  And that’s why I haven’t been able to write.  I shouldn’t share the details of what has happened, but I’ve wanted to.   I hope that what happened is an isolated event and is not happening at my new school.

Integrity and loyalty are important qualities to me.  I have the most internal conflict when they are at odds.

A fresh start in a new situation is exactly what I need.  And I am excited that I will be able to walk or bike to work.  I am still in the process of packing up my room and moving it.  That’s going to take a couple more days, I think.  I’ve purged a few times, and threw out a ton of stuff this time, but it seems like I have 9 years of paper clips and file folders.  Hahaha!

Please indulge me while I show off my wonderful kids…

See?  That’s why I’m heartbroken.  Some are graduating and moving on.  But the younger ones – well, I feel like I’m leaving them behind.   There are a few who feel that way, too.  It’s a hard transition.


Meanwhile, in the gym…

I had a deload week last week.  Perfect timing for it.  I also had a minor pull in my right pec.  During the deload week, I didn’t do any chest work so it could heal.  Today was my first upper body lift after the deload.  After a few warm up sets of bench press, I loaded 115 pounds and tested it.  I wasn’t able to touch my chest with the bar.  Did two reps and dropped 10 pounds off.  At 105, I had full range of motion.  When I pulled the pec, I couldn’t even do light weight, so it was encouraging today.  I’m not sure if I couldn’t do the 115 or was just being cautious.

And in the kitchen…

My food intake is up because I’m packing and moving a lot of boxes.  I am using the BodyBugg to track calories burned and I eat all of them.  My intake is at maintenance or slightly higher.  I try to keep fat and protein grams consistent and adjust carbs up or down depending on the day.  I’ve had several days where the carb intake was getting pretty close to 300 grams.  I’m excited about that.  If I can get to the point where I’m maintaining my weight on 300 carbs a day, cutting will be so much easier.  If I’m eating that much more because I’m more active, that’s not exactly the same as having a faster metabolism, but I’ll take it.  My level of activity will be going up naturally since my commute to work will be on a bike or by foot.  And my new classroom is on the second floor.




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