At the beginning of this week, I was hurting.  Everything was sore.  I wasn’t recovering from lifts, wasn’t sleeping, cortisol levels up – I was crabby and not fun to be around.  I knew I needed a couple rest days.  Rested Wednesday and woke up Thursday feeling like something more serious was wrong.  I went to work, but put in for a sub as soon as I got there.  Last minute sub requests aren’t usually filled, so I was lucky to have someone come in by 3rd period.

By noon, I was so sick that I couldn’t keep any food down.  About mid-afternoon, a fever started.  I could only sip water most of the day.  The fever broke last night around 10 pm and that is when I was able to eat some toast and a banana.  I am still sick today, but I am better.  Today, I can eat, at least.  I don’t usually get sick like that.  I never lose my appetite.  I’m sure the intense headache was brought on by lack of food.


Sick in bed with a concerned Tippy

This was coming on all week, I think.

Early in the week, I started to reflect on why I was feeling so crappy.  Thought I wasn’t taking enough rest days.  Thought I was just not sleeping well.  Thought I was just stressed.  Negativity started creeping in.  Started to feel old and silly – that’s my #1 insecurity that pops up when things aren’t going well.

Interesting how I never think of the obvious – my husband has this flu bug last weekend, so I should have thought of that first.

Today I am on the mend, but still feeling a little queasy and weak.  I am sad that I couldn’t go to work today.  I missed the senior prank and the senior assembly.  Hate to miss those things since I’m leaving that school and this is my last graduating class.

I will be back to the gym tomorrow – if not later today.  My mind is willing, but I’m not sure it’s the smartest thing to do.  Probably best to keep resting, drinking water, and eating today.

Here are some clips from this week.  (Sorry, I didn’t feel up to doing voice overs.):

Overhead squat practice…

I’ve created a page just for the overhead squat videos.  I’ve never done this to track progress with an exercise before, so I think this might be interesting.

Clips from the week…



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