I’ve wanted to write for days, but haven’t had an inspired thought.   Gave up – I’m going to just write down my uninspired thoughts.

I’m relaxed.  Finally.  The last calculus classes I will ever teach (as far as I know now) took their AP exam last week.  After that exam each year, a part of my brain just goes to sleep for a few days.  It feels very much like finishing final exams when I was a student.  So for now, I am spending my days enjoying my students.  I love being their teacher.  I’ve been lucky – for several years now I’ve been the precalculus and calculus teacher.  So I’ve been able to work with kids for two (or three for my BC class) years in a row.  Not many high school teachers get the opportunity to loop with students and I’m grateful.  It’s amazing what a teacher can accomplish with that kind of program – you have time to get to know your kids, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and watch them mature.  When the decision was made to dismantle my program, without even inviting me to the meeting – well, that broke my heart.  Yeah – I took that personally.

I just heard my phone notify me that I got a text. “Thought you’d like this.  I think I can apply to the real world and math, of course.”  Sent by one of my students.  (They get motivational pep talks frequently, so they know I love this stuff and connect athletic and academic excellence all the time.)

At my new school, a middle school, I’m going to get kids for two years in a row again.  I’ll be teaching 8th grade algebra and 7th grade pre-algebra.  Perfect!!  Exactly how I like to work.  They’re just going to be a little younger.   I’m getting excited to make this move and I have decided to put thoughts of retirement on the back burner.  I’m excited to set up a new classroom.   I’m excited to work with younger kids.  And I’m  excited to work at a school that is only a couple miles from where we live.  I’m going to be able to walk or bike to work everyday!  Cardio?  Check!!  There is a little logistics problem with getting to the gym to lift – it is 11 miles away.  Eleven miles down freeway, down the mountain – biking is not an option.  There is an Anytime Fitness a lot closer, but I really don’t want to join a third gym.  Oh well.  I am a firm believer in “things will work out”.

Lifting is still going well.  I tested squats the other day.  They aren’t perfect, there is a lot of work to be done, but there is also some improvement.  I haven’t done them in months.  Replaced back squats with goblets squats and hex bar deadlifts, both done with occlusion.

I am about a year and a month out from competing.  Program is going to change a little, but things are working well, so they won’t be drastically adjusted.  Despite being under some substantial life-stress since February, I’ve managed to gain strength and a couple pounds keeping the body composition about the same as it was in January.   I’m feeling solid on the inside and a little fluffy on the outside.  That’s OK for off-season.  I’ll share more in coming posts, but one thing I’m going to do is eat more.  Because I track my daily burn data from the BodyBugg, I have been able to adjust intake to be about 100-200 calories under my burn.  I’m now going to eat at maintenance or a little bit above.  I’m going to increase my lifting days from four to five or six days a week, so I will need those calories.


Time for progress pics!  (Staring at birds in the backyard with my frowny face.  Hahaha!) I’m encouraged.  Many areas to improve (like my lagging right lat), but I see progress.


Progress Check, 5-10-14

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