As I start this blog, I am sitting in the office of my husband’s orthopedic surgeon waiting for his follow-up visit. This is our second visit. For the first one, we waited an hour past his appointment time to be seen. Right now, we are 23 min past our appointment time.


Meanwhile, on the job front, the decision of what to do next has to wait a few more days.  I needed to visit with someone, but our schedules did not coordinate this week.  I am excited, but don’t want to blog about it yet.  It’s a big decision, so I need to gather as much info as possible.

More waiting.

There are only two patients left in the waiting room. Hubby is one. Should be the next one in.  And yes! He’s in!!

And I wait.

Now we are running errands. Well, hubby is running errands. I’m in the car.


I place a very high value on hubby, so this day is actually nice.  I do not mind waiting for him.

Now about the stuff people who read my blog are more interested in  – the gym stuff.  Growing muscle stuff.  Competing stuff.   Something interesting is happening. I’ve been careful about macros since I figured out I haven’t been careful.  Since I’ve been on spring break for a couple weeks, I’ve gotten a tiny bit more sleep, but not nearly as much as I would like.  If I get 8 hours one night, I won’t the next.  I’ve been working out in the early afternoons instead of the early, early mornings.

Nothing memorable happened at the gym this week – small progressions by adding reps because weights went up in the last couple weeks. The interesting thing is the weight gain. Up about 3 pounds in the last month, but I’m really feeling it this week. There is new fat, I’m certain of that, because there has been a ton of stress, I have a cortisol, issue…do the math. That’s how I got obese in the first place. I’ve had enough DEXA scans to know that I gain about 4 lbs of fat with every pound of muscle.  The pumps are big. Really big.  When I eat, I feel it in my arms and chest. After a couple sets of anything upper body, my bra and shirt become uncomfortably tight.  Street clothes are tight, too. Glutes are bigger and shorts that should fit, don’t. Bought a new short sleeve shirt. It was too big everywhere – on purpose. It was at a thrift store and I really liked it, even though I knew it would be loose. Too big everywhere except in the arms. <insert happy dance with bicep flexing here> I’m going to have to let out some gathers in the sleeve.  So does this mean I’m in an anabolic growth spurt?  I like it.  If I’m gaining fat, I’m also gaining muscle.  I’d love to be growing a little bone, too.  I’m not bulking my food – I’m still running deficits.  The deficits are smaller than they are when I cut.  I’m obviously getting enough when I need it.  When I go back to work next week, we’ll see how things change.  That’s when I don’t eat regularly because of my teaching schedule, I get less sleep, I workout at 0-dark-thirty, and the while the next three weeks are annually the most stressful teaching weeks for me, there are extra stressors added in this year.  Can’t wait.  Oh well, it’s temporary.  I can ride this out.

The decision to work for a year and not compete was a good one, even if I’ll need to buy bigger clothes for my non-shrinking, non-prep, sleeve-busting body this summer. The hard part is watching others compete while I work and wait.

Waiting. For another 65 weeks.  (Approximately.  I don’t have the next show picked yet.)

That is the real type of waiting I wanted to write about and my day just revolved around the topic.  Someone asked me a while ago if I was having a hard time watching competitors prep for shows.  At the time, I didn’t think so.  But maybe it’s going to be a little tougher than I thought.  I’m not planning to compete in anything – strongman, power lifting – nothing.  There is so much going on in every other aspect of my life, that I like the idea of keeping training as simple and stress-free.

And then there is waiting and patience while training.  Changes are supposed to be less dramatic now.  I will do the work.  Keep chugging away making small forward progressions.

A year from now will be very exciting to see what I’ve built.  Just wait.  🙂


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