This is a deload week for me.  I do a deload every 4th week.  For each exercise, the sets are reduced by one and I either keep the weight the same as it was the week before or I drop it a little.  Deload weeks help me recover while still lifting.  But they make for uninteresting status reports.

I won’t deload the two leg exercises I use for blood flow restriction work.  It’s already light.  I feel like I finally figured out how to do it.  I’ve learned how tight the straps need to be.  Read some more about it and started making the first set a very high rep set – 30 reps.  Felt that.  Legs stay a little big for a day afterwards, too.  I like that.

Today’s workout was upper body hypertrophy.  Chest, back, shoulders, and arms – all in the 8 to 12 reps range.  Even with the deload, I was so pumped after two sets of bench press and two sets of hammer smith incline press that my bra and shirt were too tight.  Hahahaha!  Love it!


I am logging food and counting macros, but each day varies.  I am using the Bodybugg to track calorie burn as the day progresses.  I am not too concerned with meal timing – my day is pretty regimented since I’m a teacher.  I eat when I have time to eat and it happens at the same time every day.  But when I get home, I synch the Bugg to check the burn and then I eat enough in the evening to stay just under maintenance.  The Bugg resets at midnight and when I wake up in the morning, I’ve got a deficit around 200 calories.  I’m trying to maintain my weight eating as much as I can.  I keep the protein and fat grams basically the same, and I have a minimum amount of carb grams I will eat every day, but if I need more calories, I eat more carbs.



This video is a great resource for info about calorie deficits and surpluses and how to use timing to optimize body composition.


My “get more sleep” goal was given up when my husband had his car accident, but I’m still trying.  Didn’t have a good week with that this week.  Slept only about 5 hours every night.  Even on a night when I’ve got more time, my body just didn’t want more than 5.  Or my mind.  Doesn’t matter – it’s not enough.  My husband is a great sleeper.  The dogs are great sleepers.  I suck at sleeping.

Emotionally, I’ve struggled a little bit this week.  I’ve been edgy and easily annoyed.  I suppose that’s to be expected with only 5 hours of sleep a night.  There is also a lot of extra stuff to do dealing with the aftermath of the accident while trying to lesson plan for three very rigorous math classes.  Oh, and grades were due this week so I had piles of grading to catch up.  Luckily, we have one more week before spring break – two weeks off this year!  That’s two weeks without an alarm clock.  I will be able to catch up on sleep.  Yay!!!


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