Decided to do heavy prowler pushes as my major compound movement.  School holiday – weather was beautiful – why not?  I haven’t played outside much since the strongman thing.  I was pushing on the asphalt behind the gym.  People park back there and delivery trucks come by every so often, so it’s not unusual to have to get out of the way for a minute.  But what happened today was stupid ridiculous!

Got a couple warm up sets done with 90 pounds and 140 pounds.  Loaded up 230.  It’s a hard push on that asphalt.  Erin Stern posted yesterday that she pushed 600 pounds.  I told one of the strongman guys this at the gym and he laughed and replied “not on our asphalt she didn’t”.  It IS a tough push back there.  As soon as you hit a slightly rough patch, the prowler just stops.  As I loaded up the extra plate for 230, a man and woman came out of the gym and headed to the back where I was working.  They had parked side by side in the back.  I waited to see if they were going to back out, but they just stood by her truck chatting.  So I pushed in the opposite direction – right as a delivery truck pulled up.  He needed to get around the corner, but wouldn’t make it unless – his decision – my prowler was pushed off to the side and the couple pulled out of their parking spaces.  He offered to push the prowler out of the way for me, since I had just finished pushing it that far.  And then, despite my request to not do so, pushed it off the asphalt into gravel!!!  WTF???  And then instead of asking the couple to quit flirting talking and move their trucks, he just pulled up behind them and waited.  Once everyone was out of my way, I had to unload the prowler by a plate to pull it out of the gravel.  There was no pushing it out of that spot.  Ugh!!  I think it was 10 minutes to get this last set finished.  Ugh squared!!!

Went inside and had a nice set of single leg reverse hypers.  A nice exercise.   Here is a video I made a while ago  when I did these…

I then decided to do barbell hip thrusts.  Took a few minutes to set up.  Really hoping no one recorded it – so much trouble for nothing.  Did a set and realized that my low back was still too sore from the fall a few weeks ago to do much with this exercise.  Did the Smith Machine version instead.  So sad though.   I haven’t done these for a long time.  I was up to about 250 pounds on the Smith Machine hip thrusts – today I could only handle 90 pounds.  It wasn’t my glutes – it was the low back on right side.  Ugh.

OK, fine.  Headed over to the leg extension.  Can’t really screw up leg extension.  Two sets of 12 reps at 135 pounds.    Finished up with calf raises on the leg press machine and did a little bit of abs.  Tried this exercise for the first time…


My form isn’t the greatest.  And when the ripped iron goddesses do this one, they look so much more badass.  But a girl has to start somewhere, right?

It was just a weird workout.  Hopefully, my legs still appreciated the effort to do some things that avoided aggravating the wimpy, sore hip flexors.

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