I read somewhere, don’t remember where, that the brain will create problems to solve if you don’t have any.

Case in point – comparisons to others.  It’s part of bodybuilding.  I get very bummed very fast when I spend any time comparing my progress to others.  I think we all do it to some extent, but learn quickly to put that down as fast as possible.  Too many quotes about competing with yourself…we have all seen them.

But then I step back and breathe.  Repeat to myself… first world problems first world problems, first world problems..

Almost every day, something happens that reminds me that the life I’ve been given is exceptionally blessed.   Getting into a funk is normal, but indulging it feels shallow.  If, in my funky mood, I’m all “Yeah, but…”, I need to remind myself that comparisons can go both ways.

Times have been a little tougher for my hubby and I in the last few years.  So what?  Tougher than “comfortable”?  I am blessed.  The early part of my life was a lot harder and a lot less secure.

And then I see a bigger picture.  The collective “we” involved in fitness can get a little preoccupied with body fat percentages and the kind of foods we eat.  We are lucky to have these things to occupy our minds as problems.  Later, I’m going to get in a vehicle and drive myself to a store and buy food.  In that statement alone, I can think of at least three obstacles I don’t have because I’m lucky or blessed to have the ability to do those things.  I know a lot of what I have I earned – but even the ability to earn things is a blessing in this world and in the history of our planet.

So as as the days pass and I write about the stuff I do or worry about, I want it to be known that I am very aware of how silly some of the things are that my brain fixates on.  It’s all good.  Human nature and such.

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