Christmas Day, at the end of my deload week, the beginning of my winter vacation from teaching, I felt it – a low rumbling, itchy, congested feeling in the bottom of my right lung.

It was still well-behaved on the second of two planned rest days, December 26th.

But December 27th, the beast woke up.  BAM!  POW! And down goes Tammy.  THUD.

That was two days ago.  I never stay in bed all day, but I feel like I’ve been in bed for two days.  On the morning of the 28th, I crawled out of bed at the crack of 10:30 am, shuffled into the kitchen to make some toast because that’s all I had the energy or appetite for.  Two bites and I thought I was going to lose it.  Headed towards the bathroom and then got so light headed, I took about ten more steps to get to the bed so I wouldn’t faint in the hall.  Fell asleep for a couple more hours.  When I woke, I was kind of OK.  Later that day I was well enough to make a trip to the store, but that took a lot of energy.

I’m not exactly sure what happened.  Not a lot of coughing.  Breathing was OK.  But when I told my husband “I can’t really tell if I’m getting sick by muscle pain because my muscles always ache”, I was wrong.  The muscles deep inside that control my breathing don’t normally ache.  I didn’t cough a lot because I avoided it if I could.  It hurt.  I was afraid I would pull something.  I had a fever the first night.  I didn’t sleep well, not because I couldn’t breathe, but because to avoid disturbing the beast in my right lung, I had to lay very still.  

I need to name this virus.  Smaug.  “I am death!”  He lived in the bottom of my right lung for a couple days and then took me down.  My fever that night was me fighting back.  

It’s the first virus to take me down in several years.  I’m staying away from people (except my poor husband) as much as I can because I don’t want to pass this one around.  If my fight was that intense, and I’m basically healthy, I can’t imagine how dangerous this bug would be for anyone with compromised health.

I know my armor was weakened by the elevated cortisol over the last couple weeks.  That interfered with my sleep. I choose to see this illness as a blessing.  I’ve been forced to take it easy.  Sleep.  Off program for a few days.  No macros.  No calories.  I slept so much that I just ate what I could when I could.

Today, I just feel like I have a cold.  I’m very tired and am still taking it easy today.  It’s moved up to my head now. That’s so I can sneeze and blow it out of my body through my nose, I guess.  This last phase can last a couple days or a couple weeks.   Headache, sleepy, sneezy – the usual stuff.  Not like the other day.  The day Smaug tried to kill me.

I might have enough energy to take a shower today.  I’m sure hubby will appreciate that.  🙂


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