I started this blog post two months ago.  Never posted it.  Read Uber Beast Mode’s comment on Facebook this morning and decided to dust it off and finish it.

I read something a while ago about how many of us, especially us baby-boomer newbies in this clean eating and fitness game, get too passionate about it.  I sincerely apologize for being a complete pain-in-the-ass.  I’ve read a few articles like this one that equate nutrition and religion…


I’ve started to avoid a lot of blogs and Facebook pages because the passion gets too negative.  It’s frustrating.  But mostly it’s boring.  I’d rather read about the cool things people are doing, not about their food.  That’s like having huge discussion about the gas you put in your car.

“To question their program or guru’s plans is akin to questioning their religious beliefs; and yet, unlike actual religious questioning (which would almost certainly lead to a thoughtful discussion), question dietary dogma online, and you can bet it will lead to a highly heated debate where anger and indignation can easily descend into name calling and personal attacks.”

I’ve been in a few debates, but my zeal has faded.  I honestly thought everyone was talking science – I’m a nerd.  It never occurred to me that nutrition wasn’t biology.  I didn’t realize that people held onto their beliefs like religious dogma – and I was doing it myself. OUCH!  I’m an idiot.  Then it was easy to spot in others.  People attack each other online and off-line.  Sometimes it’s polite, but many times it is not.  Karma came back and bitch-slapped me when I was attacked by the clean-eating police on my own page.

That’s when I decided that the focus of my Facebook page and this blog will be lifting.  Duh.  It is called Lifting My Spirits, right?  (And I just realized I have not written about lifting for a long time – sorry. I will soon.) I will still post recipes – my clients like that stuff.  I just won’t talk about macros, plant-based diets, clean-eating vs. IIFYM (Google it if you’re not familiar) because it doesn’t really matter.  No matter what your brain believes, your body needs what it needs and it adapts.  A good coach like me <insert shameless plug here> will help a client learn how to feed and care for their own body based on sound scientific principals.

Coach Jon at the Strength Guys said this…

“Metabolism is not static. Find an intelligent starting point and build from there. Sound nutrition-especially for the purposes of optimizing body comp, is largely reactionary. ” ~ Coach Jon

I studied and became a Fitness Nutrition Specialist because I’m fascinated by nutrition and how the body is fueled.  In some ways, it is a religious activity for me because I feel I honor my Creator by caring for His kid properly – how many times have I said eat food ‘grown by God’?  But it’s not really worth arguing about.  It’s just how I choose to eat most of the time because I like how I feel and perform when I’m fueled with foods grown by God.  However, this week, I enjoyed some lovely man-made low fat honey graham crackers as part of my carb refeed.  

People eat what they eat for many reasons.  And no two bodies are the same.  For the sake of transparency, I still get my undies bunched up by bad coaching because that’s malpractice.  But that’s another topic…

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