The German Volume Training modified protocol I’m following had 4 weeks with the 10 x 10 sets/reps plan and today was the first day of a 2 week deload.  It doesn’t change much.  I will keep using the weights I used during week 4, but will do 5 sets of 10 reps instead of 10 sets.  I may change up the assistance exercises, but that volume stays the same at 3 sets each.

This may seem unrelated, but I’ll tie it in… I got the results back from the more detailed lipid panel I had done last week.  It was a fasted blood work test, but gives a lot more detailed information than the regular cholesterol test.  (Ordered by doc, but considered “experimental” by my insurance, so I had to pay $85 out of pocket.  Yeah – checking for diabetes risk is “experimental”.  Idiots.)  I’m still researching what everything on that lab report means for my training, but a few things caught my attention right away.

I’ve always had borderline high cholesterol – it’s genetic.  But the HDL (good one) went up about 40 points and my triglycerides have dropped a bunch (336 in 2008, 105 in 2011, 44 last week).   Taken all together, the LDL, HDL, and triglycerides are just fine.

Doctor is not happy with the creatine ratios.  I’m supposed to drink more water.  More?  More than a gallon a day.  OK.  Can’t hardly argue with that.

My insulin sensitivity was tested and it appears I am highly insulin sensitive.  That is a very good thing in terms of diabetes risk – it’s very low now.  Probably a good thing since I know I can use food to spike insulin to put myself into an anabolic state.  But when I grow, everything grows.   I’m gaining muscle, bone, and fat.  Heck, I think my hair is growing faster, too.


So I’ve decided to use the lab results during this two week deload phase to play with my macros.  Now that I know that my body responds properly to insulin now, I feel more confident about using food grow muscle.  I’m going to increase carbs around my lifts and decrease them on rest days.  Watch what happens.  Evaluate and adjust.

I’m also going to add in a couple of conditioning sessions per week during this period.  Prowler, sled, ropes and maybe some heavy carries.  My heart muscle needs work.

Interesting reflection…when I was lifting crazy heavy during strong man training, I didn’t log food, ate what and when I wanted, and almost had a hard time keeping my body weight from dropping.

Hated that training, though.  Hated. It.

Oh well.  It’s interesting data, though, don’t you think?


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