The strongman competition is a week from tomorrow.  I don’t know if I’m ready, but I know I just about done getting ready.

Ready or not, here I come!

I need to register for the event tomorrow.  I will have to cut a few pounds over the next week to be able to compete in the lower weight class.  A small water cut will do it.  The cut off weight is 145.  I weighed 146 lbs this morning when I woke up and weighed myself at home first thing.  I have to assume a few pounds difference between home and scale at the gym.

My training has been really “off” for the couple weeks.  Actually, it’s been slightly off since school started, but kind of fell apart last week because I had a stomach flu and the dental procedure.  Got an email from my bank notifying me that my debit card number had been “compromised” and that they were sending a new card.  And then they suspended my current card 10 days sooner than they said they were going to.  I found out about their mistake while at the grocery store on Saturday – after the bank had closed.  So I drove home, called, and had it fixed, but it screwed up my grocery shopping/food prep timing for the weekend.  And somehow, I forgot to do laundry.  So this week was tough to navigate.

I think I only worked out twice last week because I was sick.  Took two sick days.  This week, I had to deal with being out two days last week.  I had no lessons prepped and a lot of grading to do, so every morning, I had to get up earlier to get any kind of workout in and still have time to prepare lessons for the day.  Sleep deprivation became a  problem.

Oh well.  Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.  I don’t really know what I’m doing anyway.  Circumstances are such that I haven’t been able to work with Coach in about a month.  Haven’t even talked to him about my program in about two or three weeks.  I’ll show up to this thing on the 21st and try to have as much fun as possible without getting hurt. The reason I wanted to train for it wasn’t to compete, but to gain strength and size.  I’ve done that.  Squat is up on a good day (ie, not sleep deprived) and I tested my deadlift this morning.  It’s 23 pounds over my previous PR.  My shoulders have to be bigger – this training is so shoulder and  posterior dominant.   About two weeks ago, I did a little chest work just to see how weak my pecs have become over the last 8 weeks of neglect.  They are good.  Not much change.

I hate these “transition” times in my training when I am about to finish a phase and need to start a new one.  I don’t have a plan.  I know I’m burnt out.  One might think I need a rest week, but I honestly haven’t been working that hard for the last couple of weeks.  I don’t think it’s my body that needs a rest.  My mind does.  This training sucked the joy out of lifting for me.  Gym drama has sucked the joy out of lifting at that location, too.  I have access to other places, so I will probably start working out elsewhere for a change of scenery.

But I am not done.  No sir.  This deadlift form needs improvement.  This was fun, though.


I don’t have my next bodybuilding show picked out.  I go back and forth between wanting to pick a show and deciding to wait another year.

I do have plenty to do.

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