Life has been busy – full and abundant with opportunities.  I should have a minion who follows me and takes notes.

I am too busy to write...because I am a teacher.  I love that job.  I love my classes.  I look out into my classroom and see nothing but potential.  They are so open and funny.  

I am too busy to write… because I am a trainer and a coach.  I’m helping people learn that they are capable of doing things they never thought they could do.

I am too busy to write… because I am part of a small group of passionate, accomplished trainers working together in a new space – a private fitness facility where we train clients, teach classes, and offer seminars.  It’s an exciting opportunity – this isn’t a gym.  People aren’t hanging around.  I’m learning so much about what makes a workout effective and efficient.  It has been taking up a lot of my free time and imagination.  I have so many ideas and not nearly enough time to develop them.  I do believe this teacher is really an entrepreneur!    I know our space is small, and it’s still under construction (we still need to get mirrors and a better floor – investors?  Anyone??), but we have big plans.

I am too busy to write…because I spend everyday talking myself out of and then back into this strong woman training.  It’s really hard on the ego to go from being somewhat proficient at an activity – bodybuilding – to an insecure, frightened newb.  If you’ve been following my journey with this training, I can imagine that you’d like it if I just committed, bucked up, and got it done.  But there is no permanent attitude adjustment that’s going to happen here.  I want to quit everyday.  But I don’t want to train how I used to train.  I can’t imagine doing anything except this right now.  I have epiphanies every day about how to approach this monster.  Today, I’m going with the “life lesson” approach.  This training is similar to how it was for me when I first started exercising.  HATED it.  I stuck with it because I believed it would help me.  Just doing it was a daily goal.  Eventually, exercise became the tool for managing stress.  Now, it’s a stressor.  But I’m going to follow through.

I am too busy to write…because I am obsessed with perfecting my log press form.  Every week things get better, but I’m running out of weeks.  Under three weeks now until the competition.  I watch videos every night.  I talk to the guys who are more experienced.  I record myself to analyze my form.


The critique: I use my back too much on the initial pull, it’s too slow and I and use too much energy on that first part of the lift.  Need to work on using my legs and hips more.

In conclusion, I’m too busy to write.

You didn’t read this.

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