I competed in my second NPC bodybuilding show on Saturday, June 22. I competed in the Women’s Physique division. I have a lot to share. Many thoughts. Lots of self reflection.

My “Hair Coach”, Nicole Adams, worked her magic again on Friday afternoon. We decided to add a lot more red to the hair. I love it! She curled it with a flat iron. Looks easy, but if I tried to do it myself, I’d burn my hair off.


Overall, I felt a lot better this time than I did for my first show. The water deplete is a pain, but it didn’t affect my energy or my ability to think clearly this time. The carb reload began on Thursday at noon, so that helped me function fairly normally – although very thirsty. I made myself my show day breakfast…yum.

Bacon, pancakes, unsalted butter, and maple syrup.

Then it was off to my makeup appointment at 7 am. Tina Mokuau did my makeup at the first show and I had her do it again. Gorgeous! She is my official “Face Coach”.

Made a little video right before the competitor’s meeting…


The tan = frustration. It didn’t go well. Spent too much time that morning dealing with it. Smudges, uneven. We were sprayed by appointment and my time was too close to the show, so I couldn’t get my suit on without messing it up. But the stage is a little forgiving, especially if you have enough glaze on it.

In general, the day was fun. Coach was there for me and four others he was helping that day. This was our second show together – he is amazing. Very supportive and protective of his competitors. He even stayed with each of us as we were lined up to ascend the stairs to the stage. It helps a lot to have that kind of attention. I will be doing this myself as a coach someday, so I’m lucky to have his example to follow.

A glimpse backstage…


After prejudging, I drove home, ate a burger and baked sweet potatoes, and laid down to rest for a bit. I never actually slept, but I did relax enough to get to that place between waking and sleep that can recharge a person. I had to be careful about laying on my tan and my hair. Tippy was fascinated by all the new smelly stuff (make up and tan) I had on me.

Curls up for napping.

Tippy checked my makeup.

I don’t have pictures from prejudging, but I do have a few taken during my routine at the night show.

I placed 3rd out of three.  Not unexpected, but it hit me hard.  First show I was 2nd out of 2 and now I’ve got another last place ranking.  The judging was accurate.  I lucked out and got a trophy because there were only 3 competitors.  I’m grateful to have received the trophies, none the less.

My girls. Very proud to have them.

I think I must have been going through some kind of post-show depression.  I was weepy all day Sunday.  I also felt like I was getting sick, which is how I felt after the first show.  I forgot about that.  So I sat all day, watched “Drop Dead Diva” on Netflix, played on Facebook, snacked, and cried off and on.  By the time I went to bed, I was feeling stronger.

Time to remove the tan. Yay!!

 Today, I saw pictures.  I’m OK with some progress I see, but I’m really frustrated by progress I didn’t see – the glutes.  I worked soooo very hard to build them.  I did, too.  But I didn’t get lean enough and I didn’t pose properly.  Ugh.

I’m ready to get started again.  But I’m NOT going to commit to a show next summer.  I’m not ruling it out, but there is also nothing wrong with waiting two years, build and experiment with different peak week strategies to figure out what works best for me without having the stress of being ready on a particular day.  I really need to be leaner in general so my skin will tighten up.  And everything I just said could be a load of BS coming from this post-show depression.  Heck, it may not be that even.  A single rest day will make me moody.  Peak week, with all the depletes and the pressure of posing and practicing everyday…the nails, hair, makeup, tanning…well I haven’t had a good lift in about two weeks.  No endorphins.

I’m back in the gym tomorrow.  I’m going to do a light upper body/lower body split this week with cardio.   I’m back on the food logging and food prep tomorrow.

And apparently, I need to go to the dentist.  Raging angry toothache came on today.  I feel lucky that it waited until after the show to flare up.  This would have been really hard to handle a week ago.

Ok – so that’s most of my experience I think.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.


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