Food psychology/sociology is fascinating. It wasn’t until I started bodybuilding that I really started to challenge my relationship with food. There is no biological reason for me to eat certain food for breakfast or a cake on my birthday. (It was in February.) Imagine that? I haven’t had birthday cake in…years. Maybe that’s why I look younger at 51 than I did at 47?? Birthdays don’t count if you don’t eat the cake? Well, that’s an interesting notion to ponder, isn’t it?

There is a psychological need to eat cheat food every so often, and there is some science out there to support it, but it’s not physically necessary for me to eat cheats. (I crave pizza and lasagna, but I don’t biologically need them. Many lifters do. They go low/no carb for longer periods than I do so they need a refeed.) I have DECADES of cheat meals that changed my body’s chemistry. Up to that point when my goal to become a healthy competitor became more important than food choices, losing weight was about deprivation. Now, I am a living nutrition science experiment.

I feel good. I don’t remember the last time I was sick. I heal quickly. Sure, I’m addicted to endorphins. Oh well. Side effects of that are a lot more pleasant than using sugar, processed foods, nicotine, or alcohol.

You have NO IDEA might have some idea how many times people say to me that they want similar results without giving up the substances that keep them from getting those results.

‘Wishing’ is easier than ‘doing’, I guess.

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