Today, I’m 11 weeks out from my second physique competition. Coach changed my diet this week. Went into a deficit for the first time and the bod is responding well. Starting to lose water and feeling leaner.  It’s time to get the Preparation H “non-surgical treatment” going for loose skin.  It started to show up this week.  That’s a good sign.

I’ve been doing short posing practices here and there, but today is the first day of spring break and I found myself at home for the afternoon without a million things to get done. So I napped.  And then I headed out to my husband’s photography studio, set up the big mirrors, started the posing practice timer I have on my phone, and ran through the mandatories a few times. My stamina isn’t where it needs to be.  I have a lot of work to do.  Played the song I think I might use for my routine and just danced around a bit to get a feel for it.

When I was almost done, I decided to take some pictures.

I took this one with a side view so I could see if I’m pulling back my shoulders and holding my chest up enough.  I’m not. Shoulders are still too small.  Calves are too small.  My left quad has a “dent” in it where I pulled it last January.  Awesome.  I am happy with the body fat percentage – no idea what it is, but I’m 11 weeks out and when I compare current pictures to pictures from last summer, I’m in about the same place – maybe a tiny bit leaner.  Same coach, so I’m confident my conditioning will be good.


I didn’t notice this until I was almost finished – looks like a tie-in.   Not a great picture, but that’s new.   Yay!!!!!  Ironically, that’s my gimpy hip.  Pissy, temperamental  but kind of pretty.  My right hip is a diva.  Go figure.


I’m pretty excited about this prep.  The next month is going to be stressful as I help get my students ready for their AP exam in May.  But once that test is done, my focus will be better.   This spring break is soooo needed right now.

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