I took ALL the advice I received in person and online.  Pain level has dropped a lot.  I’m not limping all the time now.  So THANK YOU!!!!  I’m icing, stretching, sleeping, taking less ibuprofen, and started taking cissus.  It’s supposed to help with muscle, tendon, and ligament repair.  I spoke with three people personally who have taken it, and all said it worked.


Researched the side effects of cissus and found that it may reduce coritsol (which is good, not a negative side effect), but it may increase testosterone.  BONUS!! Now while most people may thinks that’s a negative, I don’t.  Muscles.  I <3 muscles.  (Read something online about how this supplement used to give false positive results for tested shows, but has since been corrected.)

Coach and I reflected on the week prior to determine if something happened in training to bring this sciatica on.  I had to move things around to fit when he could train me.  The deadlifts we did on Friday were light, but it was very technical work form-wise.  The following Sunday I did glutes, but I went lighter than normal – because of the deads on Friday.  Legs had their turn on Tuesday.  While none of these lifts were heavy, there were three lower body workouts in 5 days.  That was probably it.  My poor little slow-healing psoas just got all pissed off and started a rebellion with everyone in the neighborhood.  Boom.  Piriformis inflamed and then sciatica nerve fired up…and then the right foot went into a perpetual cramp.

I feel better having a theory and a logical one, at that.  Treatment seems to be straight forward.  I have no idea how long this will take to heal.  I will skip my glute workout this weekend.  Just need to get shoulders done tomorrow.  I had already rescheduled training clients to have the holiday weekend off , so the rest time is timely and needed.  I’m supposed to be doing laundry or chores or something right now, but I really just want to nap.

Coach took me through a great chest workout yesterday anyway.  He worked on my impingement scar tissue in my right shoulder a lot.  Dug in with his fingers and broke things up a bit.  Very painful, but necessary.   It feels a tad bruised in there today.  I felt a lot better after accomplishing some things with my chest work – got endorphins flowing.  And I felt encouraged that I might not be sidelined just yet.

So, today is exactly 12 weeks out from show, and as far as I can tell, I’m still in.

Thank you for your support and for being even slightly interested in this journey.  I’m really not done yet.

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