Random thoughts. I feel the need for the activity of the blog-thing, but my brain is too fuzzy to stay on task.

I felt like I had a low grade fever most of the day, but I probably didn’t.  Zapped my energy anyway.  Looks like I’ve got another abscessed tooth.  Same side, one tooth behind the one that abscessed last year.   Not a lot of pain, but uncomfortable and tiring.  Got antibiotics a couple hours ago.  Decided it might be prudent to skip my afternoon HIIT cardio.  I’m chillin’, watching “Skyfall” with Hubby, and trying to keep my thinker-thing working.  A friend who also teaches calculus just texted me a couple curriculum questions – I had to…think…really…hard.

* * * 

Just checked Facebook.   Siouxcountry posted the picture again – very nice.  Jason said that it’s gotten the most “likes” of any picture he’s posted.  I’m proud, honored, humbled, and shocked a little by that.  The Lifting Spirits page picked up a few new “likes” from that.   I don’t really like the term “likes“.  Too impersonal.  I suppose most people who “like” a page want to be anonymous, but I appreciate the folks who visit the page and especially like it when they comment.  Many new friends made that way.  Still amazes me that people are interested.  I have thing about reading and “liking” all the comments.  I want to press that “like” on those comments so the person who took time out of their day to share a thought knows I read it.  I don’t always agree with what they say, but usually I do.  It doesn’t matter.  I return all emails – usually within a day.  (Although I’m not keeping up with them tonight – fuzzy brain.)  That page is like my living room and I’m going to show the same courtesy they showed me.  It does take a little bit of time.  When I post, I’m usually talking to myself.  I post things that I need to tell myself to get my focus focused for a workout.  It’s nice that others like it too.  


Coach’s evil plan of beating me up once a week seems to be doing something.  I’ve gained a couple of pounds.  I’m not thrilled with that, but he seems to be.  For my height, 5’6″, 152 lbs is a decent weight, but I know I didn’t gain 15 pounds of muscle since September, so that’s why I’m not thrilled.  Oh well.  Still not 100% sure the June show is going to be my next show, anyhow.  Too close to the end of the school year.  Too many things could get in the way of the final weeks of prep.  And the root canal I need to get next week could throw a financial monkey wrench into the gears.  But I am happy with my lift yesterday.  I worked back and biceps for the 3rd time in two weeks – weird schedule changes caused that to happen.  I really wasn’t expecting anything spectacular.  And then I started – every exercise went up in weight.  So I’m either heavier and stronger (a good thing), or there is a weird gravity anomaly over my gym.  Coach is training me again tomorrow – another reason why I thought it was smart to rest tonight while my body is fighting this stupid infection.  I want to be on antibiotics 24 hours before I get my butt kicked again.


I’m sad to say that I found another creepy Facebook page for female lifters that’s all about soft porn.  Not naming names.  It’s just sad.  They will have a nice motivational picture posted every so often, and that gets shared, so I follow the link hoping to find a useful resource.  But then I have to scroll through a lot of pics of butts and fake boobs pretending to workout to find a legit picture.  No thank you.  I’m not really interested in fitporn.

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