DISCLAIMER – I have a few new readers and some have asked for specific advice about their own program, which I do not give because I am not their trainer/coach.  Please know that what I’m doing is a program designed for me by my coach.  It’s not a general program.  It’s unique and individualized for me at this point in my training and it changes frequently.  It is NOT appropriate to do what I do, for a couple of reasons.  1) It won’t work for you because your variables are different.   2) My coach does do personal online coaching, so you can get your own program from him based on your current situation, so following mine to save money is stupid.  You will get what you pay for – nothing.  Or worse.  You could get hurt.

I apologize.  I’ve had very little time to blog.  My days are very busy.  But from the disclaimer above, I’ve had a hard time deciding IF I should continue to blog about my program.  If someone does what I do, just because they like my pictures, well, that’s about as smart as taking someone else’s prescription drugs.  I know people do it, but it’s dumb.  So do I stop blogging just because more people are reading?  No.  You’ve been warned.  I’ve invested in myself and got the help I needed – and that is exactly why it worked.

Busy.  Here is what my schedule looked like in February…

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

4 am: wake up, get up and dressed, prepare preworkout meal, drive to gym

5-5:30 am: warm up, foam roll, stretch

5:30-6:30 am: lift

6:30-6:40: cool down

6:40-7:15 shower and dress, drive to work

7:15-7:45 am: eat breakfast, lesson plan

7:45-3:00 teach and work stuff, eat 3 meals during this time

3:00-3:30: drive back to gym, change, prepare for client

3:30-4:30: train client

4:45-5:15: drive home

5:30-8:00: eat dinner, visit with Hubby, log food, prep gym bag for next day, eat last meal

8:00 pm: bedtime (8-10 hours of sleep every night is part of the training program.)

Tuesday, Thursday

6 am- Wake up.  This is my “sleeping in” day, unless I have to get up early to get work done.  If so, bedtime night before gets moved to 7 pm.

7:-7:45 am: eat breakfast, lesson plan

7:45-3:00 teach and work stuff, eat 3 meals during this time

3:00-3:30: drive back to gym, change

3:30-5:30: cardiopoluza!  (Ridiculous cardio plan for one month – I’ll explain later.)

5:45-6:00: drive home

6-7:00: eat 2 meals, visit with Hubby, log food

7:00 pm: bedtime – I’ve hardly ever been able to get to bed at 7 pm on cardio days.  It’s only happened if Hubby was out doing something.  If he’s home, I want to spend some time with him.

Saturday: Rest = laundry, food prep, grading, chores, etc.

Sunday: Lift

OK – that was February.  Crazy busy.  Let me explain the cardio.  When Coach said he wanted me to do 2 hours of cardio in one session, I replied with a loud HELL NO.  And then I asked why.  And we argued a little bit with text messages.  A couple days later, I talked with him in person.  He asked me to just try it and assured me that doing this twice a week for only one month would not be a problem, especially since he was going to increase my calories.  His goal for this month was to increase my metabolism.  I only had to do it twice a week on non-lifting days.  I wasn’t supposed to do the same thing for 2 hours – I could bounce around.  Intensity was to be moderate to high.  So I did it.  That was February.

Fast forward to yesterday, Feb 28th.  Last day of long cardio.  Calories have been increased to 2600 a day by the end of the month.  I have not gained or lost weight.  Legs must be growing because my jeans are tighter in the thigh – that’s a first.  All of my clothes still fit about the same otherwise, but I’ve noticed a little bit a leaning out in the upper body.  I’m tired at the end of the day – I need those 8 hours I had such a hard time getting at the beginning of the month.  And I’m HUNGRY on those cardio days.  BIG TIME.

I think Coach’s evil plan worked.

Next week, the lifting stays the same, but the cardio changes.  Four 20-min HIIT sessions.  I’m pretty excited to get rid of that 2-hour block.  I need some “life” back.

The Prowler – New Favorite Cardio

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