Life is cray-cray-CRAZY busy. A lot has been happening.  I should be grading papers right now, but for my mental state, I wanted to stop for a second and share this with you.



My school’s journalism class did a story on my transformation. The teacher contacted a local television anchor to see if they would want to cover my story as a health segment. She did this without telling me, which is fine – she wanted it to be a surprise. I was emailed by Wendy Damonte, a co-anchor at the station. We set up a time to meet for the interview. I then received a second email from Kristen Remington, the other co-anchor. Wendy told Kristen about the story because Kristen is training to compete this summer. Kristen asked to do the story instead. She explains why in the piece.  They came to school and interviewed one of my students, too.  I’m very pleased that they did that.  I’ve shared the whole journey with my kids.  They are part of the story, too.

Here is a link to the TV interview. You will now get to see what I look like in real life – coming out of my off-season, no stage makeup or fake tan.  LOL!

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