Just to bring you up to speed – for the first three weeks after rest week, the workouts were reorganized with the intention of shocking the system a little and revving up the metabolism. On lift days, I would lift before work and after work. This is what I did…

Monday: back (am), triceps, abs, calves (pm)

Tuesday: HIIT cardio on StairMonster (am)

Wednesday: chest (am), biceps, abs, calves (pm)

Thursday: HIIT cardio on StairMonster (am)

Friday: Shoulders (am), legs (pm)

Saturday: 45 min low and slow cardio on StairMonster (legs were too heavy to move fast)

I love, LOVE this program. I had some soreness, but not as much as the last time I did two-a-days because I have more recovery time now. I had to eat more to maintain my weight. I’m currently at 150. I’ve gained about 15 pounds since the show in August. I’m hoping there are a couple pounds of muscle in there. I was emotionally ready to start my cut a couple weeks ago. This workout switch up is helping me deal with the sense of urgency about NOT cutting for a couple more weeks. It’s really not that big of a deal. If 20 weeks is a long enough cut this year (I did 24 weeks last year), then I’m good. If it’s not long enough, I’ll pass on the June show and do one in July. No biggie. It was important for me to hit the first target last August because I would not let the trainer drama derail me there were other issues involved. Now, my support structure is solid, I’m surrounded by people I trust, so it’s all good.

Here is my shoulder/leg workouts from Friday off the Gym Buddy app. I did too much. It was the last day of finals and I didn’t have to be at work until 7:30, so I added extra shoulder sets in the morning. For legs, the pulled hip wasn’t hurting as much as it has for the last couple months, so I was testing it by adding more weight. 3 sets turned into 5 sets. And I didn’t cry on split squats like I have been for the last two leg workouts. Single leg press was a little scary, though. The right leg was just not stable.


1/18/13 Overhead Press in Shoulders
5:51:35 AM 45 x 10
5:51:39 AM 55 x 10
5:54:39 AM 65 x 7
5:58:46 AM 65 x 6

1/18/13 Arnold Presses in Shoulders
6:01:08 AM 20 x 10
6:19:48 AM 20 x 10
6:19:53 AM 25 x 8
6:19:57 AM 25 x 8

1/18/13 Lateral Raises in Shoulders
6:20:15 AM 10 x 10
6:26:15 AM 10 x 10
6:26:20 AM 12.5 x 10
6:33:58 AM 12.5 x 10

1/18/13 Cable Front Raise in Shoulders
6:34:20 AM 5 x 10 Super set

1/18/13 Cable Lateral Raise in Shoulders
6:34:30 AM 5 x 8

1/18/13 DB Rear Fly in Shoulders
6:34:40 AM 10 x 10

1/18/13 Cable Front Raise in Shoulders
6:37:47 AM 5 x 10

1/18/13 Cable Lateral Raise in Shoulders
6:37:55 AM 5 x 8

1/18/13 DB Rear Fly in Shoulders
6:38:02 AM 10 x 10
6:46:07 AM 12.5 x 10

1/18/13 Machine Lateral Raise in Shoulders
6:46:14 AM 20 x 10
6:48:18 AM 25 x 10
7:10:45 AM 25 x 10
7:10:47 AM 25 x 10
7:10:53 AM 20 x 10

1/18/13 Pec Dec Rear Delt Fly in Shoulders
7:11:01 AM 50 x 10
7:11:14 AM 60 x 10
7:11:20 AM 70 x 10

1/18/13 Box Squats in Legs
3:04:44 PM 45 x 10
3:08:03 PM 65 x 10
3:11:48 PM 75 x 10
3:17:35 PM 85 x 10
3:25:23 PM 95 x 10

1/18/13 Split Squats Smith Machine in Legs
3:30:04 PM 10 x 10
3:32:54 PM 20 x 10
3:38:57 PM 30 x 10
3:47:32 PM 40 x 10
3:52:16 PM 50 x 10

1/18/13 Leg Press Single Leg in Legs
4:02:08 PM 90 x 10
4:02:09 PM 90 x 10
4:02:10 PM 90 x 10

1/18/13 Single Leg Extension in Legs
4:02:19 PM 45 x 10
4:02:22 PM 45 x 10
4:02:24 PM 60 x 10

1/18/13 Leg Press in Legs
4:03:20 PM 105 x 10
4:04:56 PM 135 x 10
4:06:19 PM 150 x 10

1/18/13 Straight Leg Deadlift in Legs
4:15:15 PM 65 x 10
4:15:19 PM 75 x 10
4:17:25 PM 85 x 10
4:22:04 PM 95 x 10
4:26:43 PM 115 x 10

1/18/13 Reverse Hypers in Legs
4:31:12 PM 10 x 10 No weight on machine
4:35:05 PM 20 x 10
4:37:02 PM 30 x 10
4:45:04 PM 40 x 10
4:52:27 PM 50 x 10

1/18/13 Leg Curl in Legs
4:52:36 PM 45 x 10
4:54:11 PM 45 x 10
4:56:56 PM 45 x 8
5:00:46 PM 45 x 8

Overall, I’m not pleased about my weights not increasing very much. I suspect I’m afraid to push myself since I’ve had two injuries now. Maybe I need a training partner? I hate the idea of organizing my program around another person though. I like working out alone. So I keep the weights manageable, work on strict form, and do more reps and sets. I keep reminding myself to remove my ego from the lifts. If I’m growing, that’s all that matters. PRs are just so much fun! I hit one for DB bicep curls this week. That was cool.

However, I suspect I my approach towards delts is all wrong.  I need to chat with D about it.  I have a couple ideas, which he’ll probably hate, so I’ll wait and tell you when there is a plan.

Since the hip seems to be stronger, I’ll add deadlifts to my back workout this week.  If I stretch a lot today and drink a lot of water, the legs should be recovered enough tomorrow to handle it.  If not, I’ll flip the back and chest workouts this week.

So that’s what I did on Friday to be able to get away with this cheat meal…


I don’t eat like this more than once a week, usually twice a month.  But after a 60 set day, well, there is no better time to eat.  🙂

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