When I started my new life, one of the challenges I had to face was figuring out how to navigate the “getting ready for work” routine in a locker room.  Over the years, my routine has become simpler because I have stopped fixing my hair and wearing makeup.  That’s time I’d rather spend working out.  OK – I know that is not an option for many people, and I’m sure the guys have their own routines, so I asked the the people who read my Facebook page if they had any tips to share.  Some of what they suggested I do (that’s my locker in the pic), but they have some other tips, too, that did not occur to me.

Melanie: “A lot of gyms let you “rent a locker”, so you can leave quite a few things there all the time! Also, have “2 of everything” you need… (lipstick, eyeliner, face lotion, etc…) Keep those things in your “gym bag” all the tme. AND, of course, lay it ALL out the night before!!”

Jill: “Do a before bed prep- clothes, all items to take with you ready to go so you don’t have to look for them.”

Becky: “My gym has one of those high pressure hand dryers. I use that and my blow-dryer to dry my hair. Using both gets it done really fast. I can dry my hair in half the time.”

Andy: “Have everything prepped the night before if you can. Change(s) of clothes, breakfast, pre/post products, and shoes. Grab and go as much as possible.”

Kelly:”I packed my bag for work, gym & lunch the night before and it worked well. I work in our district office so have to dress up; it worked fine for me.”

Rosie: “I get up at 4:30 am to be at the gym by 5, done by 6 or soon after. Gym is only 5 min from my house, so I hurry home & shower & do my hair and make breakfast. Lunch readied the night before. If I run out if time I put make up on at work. Have to be at work by 8:30. It all works out when I get to bed on time!”

Kathy: “I do pack my gym bag and food the night before. Good weather= early workout. Crappy weather= treating myself to extra sleep and a late workout.”

Chanda: “I always used a paintbox (for makeup), lots of compartments.”

THANK YOU everyone for your wisdom and generosity!

How have you made the whole routine easier?  If your tip is not already listed, would you please add it in the comments?  I’ll make a category for blogs like this called “Organization Tips” so we can find them easily when we need ideas.  I think we should do one like this for food prep next.

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