From the Gym Buddy report:

1/4/13  Hammer Curl
10:01:18 AM  10 x 20
10:07:27 AM  15 x 15
10:07:32 AM  15 x 15
10:10:00 AM  15 x 15
10:26:54 AM  15 x 15

1/4/13  Cable Pushdowns with EZ Curl Bar
10:27:25 AM  50 x 40  Half under grip,half over
10:27:29 AM  60 x 20
10:27:34 AM  70 x 20
10:31:19 AM  80 x 20
10:33:23 AM  90 x 20

1/4/13  Barbell Curls
10:37:48 AM  30 x 20  Straight bar
10:41:34 AM  40 x 10
10:45:16 AM  40 x 10
10:48:48 AM  40 x 10
11:02:46 AM  40 x 10

1/4/13  DB Triceps Extensions
11:02:55 AM  25 x 20
11:03:00 AM  30 x 15
11:08:32 AM  30 x 15
11:08:34 AM  30 x 15
11:12:05 AM  30 x 12

I wanted to do 30 sets of arms.  Ran out of time.  The times are when I logged the set, not when I did them.  I wait about a minute between the first few sets and wait longer between the working sets.  I switch this wait time variable up a lot.  I also normally do supersets for arms.  Didn’t on this day.  Not sure why.  Wasn’t feeling it.

DB hammer curls really bother the right elbow.  Not so much that I’m going to skip them, though.  I usually do these two-handed with the rope attachment on a cable, but I know the left arm compensates for the right one because of that elbow.  Gotta bite the bullet and do the work unilaterally.   I’ve got a sleeve for that elbow.  I just don’t use it unless I can’t work without it.

LOVE cable pushdowns.  I do them all kinds of ways.   I liked this set a lot.  10 reps with an underhand grip and then I switched and did 10 reps overhanded.

Straight barbell curls.  Again, the right elbow was bothersome.

I don’t do tricep extensions a lot because it hurts my right shoulder.  And because I don’t do them a lot, I did them today.  I think if there is an exercise I avoid, it means I’m not hitting the muscle from a certain angle, so I cycle things in and out of my routines – even if they hurt a little bit.  I’m careful.   I didn’t increase the weight because I had a few messy looking reps at 30 lbs.  Just kept it there and focused on the form.

But I really, really wanted to do more.  Had a bunch of appointments, so I had to quit.

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