We had plans to go snowshoeing on this Christmas Day for a couple weeks.  We live about an hour away from a winter wonderland playground in the Sierra Mountains.  This morning, we checked the weather report and saw that the third storm of the week was coming in today.  We hoped to get into the mountains to play a little bit and take new family pic.

We loaded up our snowshoes, poles, Christmas hats, and dogs in Qbert (Hubby’s car) decorated as Rudolf.  This was taken a couple weeks ago before the snow arrived.

Qbert has a snowman as a navigator.  And candy canes.  Driving into the mountains, the weather started to change.

A few minutes later, the snow fall became heavier.  By the time we reached our destination, Truckee, California, freeway traffic was stopped as cars that were heading over the mountain pulled over to “chain-up”.  We inched along and took our exit.  More traffic.  More snow.  It became obvious at that point that we weren’t going to go snowshoeing. A little dangerous in a winter storm.  So we drove around in a residential area of Truckee until we found a street that had a nice backdrop for our picture.

The road was ice covered in snow.  I almost fell a couple times.  Paul set up the tripod, set the timer, and we tried to get the dogs to face the right direction.  I think we only needed a few tries to get this picture.  Pretty, huh?  I love the falling snow.  Peanut our chihuahua is NOT thrilled.  He doesn’t like being wet.

Afterwards, we loaded everybody back into Qbert and drove home.  We’ll reschedule the snowshoeing.  But this is a great Christmas picture, so it was worth the trouble.

Hey – let’s talk about food!  I threw a turkey breast into the slow cooker when we left, so the house smelled amazing when we got home.  Yum.  I’ve suspended clean eating and dieting for a couple of days.  Did a brutal leg workout yesterday just to have a place to store the extra calories.

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