The news about the Connecticut shooting is still coming in.  I’m sitting in my classroom right now watching my calculus students as they take a quiz.  If they know about what happened, they seem to be focused on the task at hand or are acting as goofy as normal (as one just lobs a paper wad across the room into the trash and turns to me and smiles because it went in).

Me?  I’m completely distracted.

What just popped up on my phone from a news alert… “20 kids, 6 adults dead”.

I cannot speak for other teachers, but the 20 kids dead part rocks me to my core.  I start to imagine what the other teachers in that school must feel like today.  I’m certain they are grateful if they were able to protect their kids.  I’m also certain some are questioning what they could have done differently to save the 20.

20 kids dead?  And I think I heard a lot of them are in kindergarten.

I don’t know know how many lock downs I’ve been part of.  Not too many to count, I just haven’t counted them.  A couple are memorable for how immediate the situation seemed to us at the time.  Never was anyone hurt, but we didn’t know what was going on.  During one, one of my kids asked “Would you take a bullet for us?”  Without hesitation I replied “Yes”.

So I’m just processing and trying not to cry in front of my teenagers.  They are stressed about today’s quiz and the multitude of projects and tests they have coming up next week.  Then we are off for two weeks.  A break we all need.

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