Been working under this assumption for several years now. People say things like…

“Food is my drug of choice”

“I’m addicted to _<fill in the blank>_.”

But when it comes to getting healthy, the denial sets in.  Food as the culprit causing what seems like random health problems…well, that’s another blog.  I’m not feeling up to taking on the food pushers in festive sweaters today.

In addition to prescribing “more sleep”, I decided to start medicating myself to speed up my healing and fix whatever deficiency I have that’s running me down.  I’m going to eat my veggies.  All kinds and all colors.

I can’t eat all of this before they go bad, so I told Hubby before I left for the store that I’d be hauling out the juicer from storage.  Juice it all!  Drink massive amount of vitamins and phytochemicals!!!  I don’t know which nutrients I’m not getting, so if I bought things I don’t normally eat, like carrots (kind of high in carbs for a veggie), juiced everything together, I’d have what I’m calling “Sludge O’Life”.  Tossed in a little fruit to make it palatable.  Not too many carrots or fruit, though.  Keeping the calories down a bit.  And I didn’t juice the cauliflower yet.  That just seems weird.  That’s going to be for munching.

Sludge O’ Life

Not only did Hubby find our juicer for me while I was gone, he had to do some industrial cleaning and sanitizing to make it usable.  It was in a storage place outside that wasn’t waterproof.  Had I found it, I probably would have tossed it and bought a new one.  He’s very resourceful.

Got some chia seeds, too.  Those are weird little things, aren’t they?  Tried to drink them with water sweetened with agave.  Yuk.  I think they will need to be covertly added into things like yogurt.

I’ve done this for a couple days now and I’m feeling pretty good.  But it’s the weekend.  Let’s see what happens when rubber hits the road and I’m on my regular schedule.

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