Friday = 3 sets of 25 box squats with an empty bar, plus some light chest and triceps

Saturday = 3 sets of 25 box squats with an empty bar, plus some light back and biceps

Sunday = rest

Monday = 3 sets of 25 box squats with a little bit of weight, plus some light hamstrings.  Muscle therapy on the hip in the afternoon.  (Some people call it a “massage”, but I bet their “massage” is relaxing.  Mine?  Not so much.  I usually feel a little beat up afterwards.)

Today = 3 sets of 25 box squats with a little bit more weight, plus some light chest and triceps

OK – maybe I’m a baby for being worn down by 3oo light squats in 5 days, but I’m rehab-ing a muscle pull.  It hurts a little.

Before I workout and between each set of squats, I use the foam-roller from Hell.  That hurts a little.  I’m still icing the hip a few times a day.  I still think I initially pulled the TFL at the bottom of that one too-heavy squat rep last Monday, but gosh, now everything from low back to glutes to knee cap gets “engaged” as this thing tightens and loosens, and tightens again.  I’m doing light, easy cardio with stretching afterwards each morning to keep blood circulating into that area, too.

After I completed my squat sets this afternoon, I was close to tears.  It wasn’t the pain.  It was there but not too intense.  I think my CNS (central nervous system) is getting a little overloaded with all the reps, foam rolling, stretching, massage, and just low level throbbing and tightness I’m feeling all day long.  I was angry with myself, too, for getting hurt and putting myself in this position.  It was good to be pissed off.  I needed the extra angst to get through it.  When I get a head of steam, I channel it into the weights.  I really couldn’t lift heavy right now – and I want to.  Just can’t.  My body is really distracted by healing this muscle pull.

Just so you know – you’re the only one who knows I got a little miserable.  OK, you and Coach because I was texting profanity to him between sets 2 and 3 of squats.  My public story – and I’m sticking with it – is that I’m grateful to have a minor injury when I’m about 7 months out from my next competition because I’m learning a lot.  That’s a true story, btw.  Really.  Pretty sure this will be stronger later than it was before.  And having it happen before I start to cut – that’s better than OK.  I can feed it.  Speaking of feeding…

Food is going well.  Never doing that carb back loading thing again.  I’m eating how I ate before – uber high protein for a chick my size, moderate carbs until dinner.  Low-carb at night.   Lost a couple of pounds right away.  Nice to lose that extra water.  I was feeling pretty bloated.   Best part – energy is better.   It was good to try something different, if only to learn what doesn’t work for me.   I really believe I can find a way to feed my workouts and recovery adequately.   Enough to gain lean mass, but not so much to gain fat.  I think if I get the macros set up for ME, even with a surplus,  I might lean out a little while doing it.  Hahahaha!  My cake and eat it, too?  I’m delusional.

I have this “20 lb over show” limit in my head.  I don’t know where it came from.  Just popped in there last September.  It means I want to stay within 2o lbs of what I weighed on stage last August.  I’m not delusional about the amount of muscle that is possible for me to build.  At most, about a half pound a month.  Maybe a pound, but I doubt it.  I just had my 2nd anniversary of serious weight training, so I think I still have some newbie gains to get, but it’s going to be slower.

OK, now I’m just tired and starting to ramble.  I’m outta gas for today.  Tomorrow – nothing.  A total sit on my glutes and recover day.  🙂

<insert some-unnecessary-prompt-to-encourage-comments here>  You guys always educate, encourage  and inspire me with your comments. I don’t need to help you.  You’ve got this.


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