When others throw the word balance around, I don’t disagree that’s important, but I don’t use the word they way I’ve heard it used lately.  To me, balance is warming up and cooling down correctly.  Balance is making sure I’m hitting my macros every day with clean food.  I was out of balance during the three weeks I tried carb-backloading.  Energy and mood swings, pimples, and sties in my eye.  Felt more stress than usual.   I think balance is why working with free weights is soooo much better than working on machines.  I think balance means not working when I’m not getting paid – pay me for 35 hours, you get 35 hours – maybe 40, but that’s it.  (I will work a few extra hours during 2nd semester because I get paid a little extra to get my calculus kids ready for their exam.  That includes the time and expense of the pancake breakfast I will prepare for 45 teenagers in May.)   I think getting enough rest for recovery is also balance.

Several times in recent months, I’ve heard/read the word balance associated with drinking wine.  Yup.  Specifically wine.  The wine drinkers have been feeling a little defensive, for some reason.  Maybe it was the upcoming holiday season.  Nutritionally, I don’t consider drinking wine different than having a regular intake of fruits and veggies full of phytonutrients.  Balance reached with alcohol sounds like buzzed to me.   If  you want to drink – drink!  It’s your body.  Consume what you want.   I don’t need it.   I’m relaxed at the end of the day because I have so much muscular and CNS fatigue that I just shut down.  Put anything on TV and a little Facebook…boom. Brain shuts off and I’m relaxed.  But if you need a little alcohol to settle down, so what?  Whatever floats your boat.

Everyone is different, I suppose.  I’ll intellectually accept that. But if I’m going to be honest about what I really think, if you’re a lifter and you have a lot of energy at the end of the day, I’m coming back with “lift heavier” or “increase your volume”.  You’re not working hard enough.   If you think you are, try stretching and being quiet long enough for the body to relax on it’s own terms.

If anyone gets on a soap box about balance around me, I’ll tell them to put the wine down and do some step-ups instead.  (It’s a pun and an awkward segue to stick an exercise video here…)



I expect the daily wine drinkers to hit the big DISLIKE button.  Oh wait – there isn’t one.  Bummer. Hahahahaha!   If you feel like I’m picking on you, just swap out the word “wine” for “dark chocolate” and I’ll insult a whole new group of people who think certain kinds of candy are really supplements.  IT’S CANDY.  And it’s OK to eat it if you want to.  Even with wine.

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