I’ve done it for almost three weeks. I’ve gained 3 pounds.  Not a big deal, but the point was to change my body composition a little bit.  I don’t appear leaner.  I’ve had mood and energy swings that are exhausting.  My face is breaking out, which only happens when I’m stressed.  The body is stressed.  But I’m all about data, so I use my bodybugg data to calculate my average daily calorie burn for these three weeks.  Compared that to average daily calorie burn in September and again in October.

I speak math.  I understand math.

My average daily burn has dropped 100 calories a day since I started carb back loading.  I did adjust with intake, so my average calorie surplus was only 175 calories, which is about the 200 calories over I’ve done every day since the beginning of September.  That’s just barely over maintenance and what is necessary for muscle growth.  But I’ve gained weight as if I had surplus of 500 calories a day.  Water?  Sure.  But I suspect my metabolism has slowed down.  Or I have just slowed down from the lack of energy I’ve been feeling.

I don’t look better, I don’t feel better – so why bother?  Maybe I wasn’t eating “trashy” enough.  But I don’t want to.  “Healthy” is more important to me than being “ripped”, so I’m not going to eat pastries or other highly dense foods.  I tried to do it with high-glycemic whole foods.  I did use ice cream some days, but I think the mood swings, energy swings, and skin issues are related to the unclean foods I’ve included.

I’m going to get my calories in for today and then I’m going back to my “normal” tomorrow.

Oh well.  No harm in trying, huh?  I’m sure it works for some people, but not for all.  And not for me.  Or at least, not for me right now.

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