Asked coach to take a look at my back squat form.  For the 5 x 5 program I’m doing, the weights are increasing and I wanted to make sure my form was good before I went much farther.

Here is the first video he made.  As I thought – not going down low enough.



Coach is an awesome strength/power lifting coach.  When he makes a suggestion, I take it.  But I didn’t the first time he told me to do box squats month ago.  I hate box squats.  I did things my way and didn’t fix the form.  So now, I’m sort of stuck.  I have to do what he says.  Not only am I doing box squats, I’m also supposed to hold the bar a little lower on my shoulders.  When I did that this first time, it hurt and felt awkward.  The weight here is light for me, but the movement was clumsy and weird.  Did I mention that I hate box squats?    Hope you enjoy the ‘coaching’ I get as well.



Hahahaha!  See that little glare I flashed him at the end?  That’s because I hate box squats.

Did them again today.  It went better.  You’re not supposed to be able to move as much weight with a box squat as with a free squat.  My free squat has been 155 pounds for the last couple weeks.  Today, I couldn’t do 135 pounds more than twice with the stupid box.  It’s all good.  Sure, I’ll be three weeks behind in my Madcow.  I’ll catch up.

I used to hate front squats.  When Coach substituted front squats for leg presses during my contest prep last August, I grumbled, but did them.  They did exactly what they were supposed to do – grow the quad sweep.  I’m sure I’ll learn to like box squats once they start working their magic.

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