The Good News: New Measurements = Happy Dance!

At the end of April, I weighed 3 pounds more than I do today.  And that was the last set of measurements I have recorded.  I think we did them once during the summer, but I can’t find them.  So I’m comparing today’s to April 28th.  All are down.  The total lost is 15 inches.

So I’m smaller, but I weigh about the same.  And I’m getting stronger.   How would you interpret that?

Yeah.  My bones must be heavier.


The Not So Good News

Some not so great news today – the score sheets from my show in August have been posted.  Every single judge ranked me 2nd out of two.  I’m not surprised, but I had hoped to see something that would show I was a little more competitive.  It’s fine.  I was happy to look as good as I did considering…well you know.  Age, novice, first show, etc.  As Bob told me before, it’s all “fire in the belly”.  Saw some amazing figure competitors in the gym today.  Motivating, but also a reality check for me.  I have A LOT of work to do if I’m going to be competitive in the division that is supposed to be bigger than that.  I want more muscle and will need to be leaner than I was last August.  My arms and shoulders aren’t close to where I want them to be.  My lats are not symmetrical.  Yeah, I have work to do.

Earlier today on Facebook, a woman posted a video she made this weekend while she was waiting to go on stage to compete in Physique.  In the back ground you could hear the stage guy call “Physique”.  Oh gosh.  I got butterflies again, but not nervous butterflies – excited butterflies.  Just in case I wasn’t sure, I am now.  Officially bitten by the competition bug.

Next show is June 22, 2013, God willing.  I have some obstacles to maneuver this time that I didn’t have last time.  But who doesn’t?  Everyone in this sport sacrifices a lot for it.  And this show may have some of the same judges.  I intend to show a lot of improvement.  I’m getting coached for this entire off-season, which didn’t happen before.  It’s going to be awesome.

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