Finished week #3 of the Madcow 5×5 I’m doing last Saturday.  And last week was also a pretty stressful week.

I’m hurting.  No injuries, just muscle soreness and joint soreness.  I’m tired.  Really, really tired.  I’ve gotten a solid 8 hours for the last two nights and I still want to crawl into bed – like now.  This is the only blog I could possibly write tonight because my brain can’t process anything.

My appetite is going crazy, too.  So far, I’ve done a pretty decent job of NOT eating everything.  Not ‘everything I want’…I mean everything.  My appetite is freakishly ravenous.

I don’t know what’s going on.  I could be getting sick.  (boooo)  I could be growing (yay!)  It could be just a change in the weather as the first winter storm blows in today.  It could be a combination of all of that, plus the extra stress in my life last week slowing my recovery.

So here’s my plan…

  • Three rest days – Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.
  • Active recovery on all three days.  Easy, low intensity cardio and stretching.
  • Keep up with the protein, BCAA’s, and glutamine.

Here’s Coach’s advice…

  • make sure I’m getting omega-3’s, fish oil
  • take Aleve (don’t have that – I’ll take ibuprofen)
  • no heavy weights (already on that with the three rest days – no lifting until Wednesday)

I would be in bed right now, but I want to watch the Presidential debate.  It starts in a few minutes.

So as I wait – I’m choosing to believe I’m just recovering from an awesome three weeks of lifting.  I’m growing – I can see that in the mirror.  One of these days, I need to get my measurements done.

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